Cambridge Science Park Engagement Hack


To help start a programme of renewal for Cambridge Science Park during its consultation phase:

  • To devise the most effective and rapid way to engage with  the Park community, to learn about the current challenges on the Park including transport, amenities, landscaping, infrastructure, energy, community and communications.
  • Facilitate the “It’s Your Park” Day as the first step in a process to engage with and obtain feedback from residents of the Park.
  • Create and present a management report, making sense of thousands of data points gathered during the day.

Facilitators, experts and participants:

We organized a one-day event, “It’s Your Park” Day, with a core team of 3 people, supported by a social media expert and a photographer, in collaboration with the team led by the Director of the Park, Jeanette Walker.  The event was also supported by consultant advisors already engaged with the Park in transport, landscaping and infrastructure.

On the 27 June 2017, despite extreme downpours, over 175 people braved the elements to participate and provide valuable feedback.  The format enabled visitors to comment on what they liked about the Park as well as what they didn’t on a “Rant Wall”. The journey then took visitors through existing facilities and new ideas, presented in an art gallery style with the use of over 90 posters, and facilitated the opportunity for co-creation of new ideas and a simple way to collect information quickly from the visitors using sticky coloured dots!


The one-day event was held at the Trinity Centre on Cambridge Science Park.


  • A huge quantity of information collected in 1 day and proven to be invaluable to the Park in prioritising enhancements:

175 + people
90 + posters
700 + post-its
3,500 + sticky dots

  • A full report and analysis providing the foundation for the renewal programme, enabling the Director of the Park to prioritize quick wins and longer term actions.  There is now a whole calendar of events ranging from special interest groups, social events, lunch and learn business sessions and new services. The Park now blossoms in spring with new landscaping and amenities emerging.