Organisation Name Cambridge Science Park
Main contact Jeanette Walker
Name of challenge The Roundabout Challenge: Improve traffic flow on roundabouts at peak times
Brief summary of challenge Use IoT to inform a redesign of access to the Cambridge Science Park from the Milton Road to reduce queuing and improve safety for drivers and cyclists
Context The main entrance and exit route to the Cambridge Science Park at the Milton Road is via a roundabout. On the Park itself, two roads provide access to the roundabout – one from the north and one from the south. Cars entering the roundabout from the south have right of way onto the roundabout. Once on the roundabout, drivers typically block the access onto the roundabout by cars from the northern road. This means that cars exiting the Park from the north take an average of 5 minutes longer to exit the Park in the peak evening rush hour.
The benefits to be gained from addressing this challenge for the challenge owner are…
  • Greater sense of fairness for drivers from the north
  • Faster traffic flows off the Park
  • Safer for drivers and cyclists
The benefits to be gained from addressing this challenge by the team are…
  • The satisfaction of finding a solution to a problem that has existed for many years and is getting worse
  • The potential to develop a traffic management system that could be deployed beyond the Cambridge Science Park – roundabouts are used extensively globally
Any work already done and status Various traffic studies have been undertaken by Odyssey consultancy on behalf of Cambridge Science Park.
Success would look like…
  • Reduced queuing times
  • Faster access to the Milton Road
  • Increased safety for drivers and cyclists
Support available
  • Cash prize of £500 to the winning team
  • Access to traffic data and models undertaken by expert consultants Odyssey on behalf of the Park
  • Support, advice and input from local authority highways team
  • Follow-up meetings with Cambridge Science Park management.
  • Introduction to investors, partners, manufacturers, etc
Key skills and technology sought
  • Creativity/lateral thinking
  • Data analysis
Key attributes of successful challenge teams
  • Willing to collaborate with Cambridge Science Park management
  • Ambitious
  • Committed to progressing to a commercial product

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