Cambridge Transport Hack 2018

9th and 10th June 2018. Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University

Over just one weekend in June, Cambridge Transport Hack is the opportunity for people to come together to collaborate, experiment and innovate to address a transport challenge. This is the opportunity to push your boundaries and realise an awesome new project!

The weekend will start with some inspiration for the challenge ahead and an introduction to the data available. We’ll then move into idea-generation mode, and from there, each team will whittle down their thoughts into the few that have the most promise. On Sunday morning, you’ll decide on your big breakthrough solution, and by Sunday lunchtime, you’ll be thinking about how to pitch it to the judges.  All too soon it’ll be time to practice and then make your pitch for real! After a nail-biting wait, the judges will announce their decisions on the best ideas.

Our challenge for this year is:

“To tackle the adverse effects of Cambridge city congestion on productivity and the city’s attractiveness as a place to live and work, and to generate accurate real-time data to inform transport choices”

Get involved as a hacker!

  • Tackle a real-world problem head-on
  • Raspberry Pi kits with cameras available for use during the weekend
  • Use design, prototyping, creative thinking, and innovation skills to produce breakthrough new ideas
  • Be part of an event where we strive to produce creative solutions to a pressing local problem which is replicated in cities all over the world
  • Get access to a range of Cambridge transport and demographic data, to provide insights and for manipulation, analysis and to help produce evidence-based solutions

There’s a video here and a photo gallery here which gives you a flavour of last year’s event and what to expect this year.

If you’re interested in attending as a hacker or helper, there’s lots more information, and you can sign up, here.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner or sponsor for the event email