How Can We Help You?

We can help your organisation manage key decisions by unlocking the potential for change.
The age of digital has brought massive upheaval and has revolutionised the way we communicate and engage with others. New technology is amazing, and we embrace it – but we never forget that as people, we can achieve so much more by collective engagement. We bring together a wealth of practical experience to deliver high quality engagement events that provide opportunities to learn from and work with leading thinkers, influencers and practitioners.


We’ve re-shaped the hackathon concept and made it relevant to a broader audience. We believe passionately in the power of collaboration across borders and disciplines, so our hack events invite a range of collaborators to create innovative solutions to the challenges you’re addressing. Our hack events can run from an evening or a half-day, through to a multi-day festival of ideas, all geared to making real change.

What is a hack?

The term ‘hack’ derives from the word ‘hackathon,’ and means a rapid and intense approach to problem solving. It’s interactive, participatory and inclusive. Our hack principles underpin how we approach any engagement – openness, commitment, creativity and focus.


We run small, invitation-only workshops for clients that can either address a specific challenge or work with open-ended objectives. We will guide you through the workshop using proven creative facilitation techniques to get the most out of your team.


Conferences don’t need to be dull! At traditional conferences, delegates sit and listen to a succession of speakers, often counting down to the coffee break. We believe conferences are much more productive when they are participatory, interactive, inspiring and engaging, and this is what you get when you come to one of ours.

Creative leadership as a philosophy embraces change as a given while seeking opportunity in all things by envisioning desirable futures. It unleashes the courage, collaboration and creativity of potential contributors, and applies this towards a generous, inclusive purpose, rooted in pragmatic idealism, empathy and the rise of a transcendent consciousness that goes beyond gratifying the needs of the individual.

– THNK School of Creative Leadership