10 Top Nursing Schools In New York 2021

Why You Should Study Nursing Schools In New York City

New York is one of the big states in the United States and New York is one of the best education places that have so many different programs for Nurses. So here And you know according to Bureau Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2021 already 178.550 Nurses registered in this state. That’s so big number and that so impressive cause Nurses have the highest salary job in the USA for 2020.  Sot that main reason we make this 10 Top Nursing Schools With Nursing Programs in 2021 only for you

Another reason why you should choose new york not only because Newyork state have so much different nursing schools but New York is big states and have a high cost of living that makes the overall nursing salary in New York is higher than in some states

But first, you need to know, become a Registered Nurses (RN) you need to graduate from Nursing Schools and right now nursing schools is highly demanding on every College. Because to have a high salary as a nurse you need to have degrees, value and for more high, you need other criteria too.

That’s kinda tricky to choose which Nursing Schools In New York are good for you to cause the different school to have their way to teach about nursing. So that’s why some schools have a high reputation than others because of that.

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How To Find Best Schools With Nursing Program New York City ?

Choosing the Schools With Nursing Programs near you is also about rankings of that schools or the cheapest intuition rate or facility

For example, some schools have some special subject that you can’t find in other schools and give you more value than other schools after you graduate

But, the First thing you should ask yourself to find the best Nursing Schools In New York for you. The question is :

  • What your purpose as a professional nurse?
  • What do you want to take? BSN or MSN?
  • If you already a registered nurse, there’s another program to help your career in that schools?
  • Are you prefer schools near you or its okay to study kinda far from your place even in other states?
  • Do you want just one degree or do you want to take multiple degrees at the same time? is that available in that schools or no?
  • How much cost do you have to study for nursing degrees?

So you need to prefer your criteria first before you see Nursing schools ranking in new york!

10 Affordable And Top Nursing Schools In New York City

Remember Every school have different specialization and some schools maybe look unreachable for you, but they always have a scholarship for good student and maybe you can find out how to get that

Molloy College

Intuition free at this school is about $50.184 per year and the approval rate is about 77%. That acceptance rate especially in the Nursing program. And also they have so many different degrees from RN, LPN, and BSN. they also have another level of a program like doctoral and gerontology.

New York University

New York University has an Intuition Fee of about $72.900 per year and an approval rate of 35%. Yup, that price looks so high and makes you think twice to apply to this university. But you know New York University is One of The Best Nursing Programs in the USA. They have a budget for research funding that’s why a graduate student is well-prepared Nurses for start their career in the USA even in the world. And Graduated student from New York University is very demanding on employment hub.

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Wagner College

To study at Wegner College you need to prepare at $62.141 for the Intuition fee every year. BSN program at Wagner College is one of the best methods cause they mix liberal arts with the nursing program. That’s why it is perfect for the student which has a plan to continuing the program after cause Wagner College gives very deep basic learning. Also, they have a graduate-level program and a DNP program too.

University of Rochester

Intuition State at the University of Rochester is $70.108 the And school approval rate is 35%. This School is the best choice for those who wanna degree fast in a nursing program. Because they have so many accelerated programs from RN, BSN, and MSN and also master programs

University at Buffalo

University of BuffaloIn-state Tuition: $27,036 and School approval Rate about 59%. This University is affordable for everyone who wanna study in Nursing Program but have a problem with finances. They also doing good to teach and create Good graduate nurses. In Statistics the BSN pass NCLEX with a 90% rate on the first try. That so impressive! And the most excellent is their Family Nurse Practitioners have a 100% rate pass year.

Adelphi University

Adelphi University Tuition is $56,616 and also the School approval Rate 70%. They have Great And Big success in the undergraduate nursing program but the Graduate Nursing program is the best one. The more focus on MS in Psychiatric-Mental Health and Adult-Gerontology cause that demand will be increase so fast.

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Stony Brook University

School approval Rate in Stony Brook University 41% and In-state Tuition: $25,471. Stony Brook University has 12 months accelerated BSN program for the person that already graduated with a bachelor’s degree and wants to become a nurse. They also accept bachelor degree other than nursing on RNs Program

Pace University

To study at Pace University you need to prepare Tuition for ee about $65,596. Pace University has an approval Rate: 87%. They have an excellent rate on NCLEX-RN pass rate of about 97.7%. Pace University will top list for you if you want to become a professional nurse after graduate. Pace University also has a high reputation as an employment hub because of that rate.

Binghamton University

You need to prepare In-state Tuition for about $26,100 to study at Binghamton University. And also Binghamton University has a School approval Rate of about 41%. Binghamton University is the best choice for you that like to work on the village vibe. Binghamton University has an affordable price and flexible payment in their nursing program. You can still work while study and you can still get your nurse degree while working. they are more focused to support the health of people in the village than maybe people in New York forgot about it.

Farmingdale State College

The intuition State Fee on this school is about $24.168 and the approval rate about 58%. Farmingdale State College only offers bachelor’s degrees and they are doing great with this program. all of their BSN program already accredited by the New Your State Board of Regents and also they have a 93% NCLEX-RN pass rate in three years running. It’s a school for you looking for a BSN program and wanna work in New York.


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