Best Programs from Florida Board of Nursing for Various Applicants

Florida Board of Nursing will monitor, license, educate, discipline, and rehabilitate the licensees (when appropriate) in order to make sure that the licensees’ competence and fitness in providing the services of health care for Floridian are reliable.

The only purpose of the Nurse Practice Act in Florida is to make sure that all nurses who practice in Florida meet the minimum requirements so they’ll provide safe practice. This board will also prohibit all nurses who can’t meet the minimum competency to practise in Florida State.

Various Florida Nursing License Types to Obtain

The Florida Board can help you be a registered nurse by licensing you with a nursing license depending on your chosen career. Below are some license types you can get according to the career you are interested in.

⦁ The Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN

If you want to get this LPN, you need to enrol in the programs that the Florida Board has approved. The licensed practical nursing programs are accredited by NLNAC that is now called ACEN. The programs are acceptable, just like the other programs that are accredited by the other boards.

Education of LPN completed in the military can qualify and give you the licensure if that program has the code NCLEX. If you begin the professional nursing program at a higher level, you may get the LPN license if the coursework you completed is equivalent to the LPN program called PNEQ.

⦁ The Registered Nurse or RN license

If you want this license, you must enrol in a professional nursing program that is accredited or approved by the Florida Board of Nursing. The Florida State has the approval process for the nursing programs that operate within the Florida borders and the other states.

There are two agencies of accreditation called CCNE and ACEN that are offering the accreditation for program level. There are some programs or professional nursing available you can choose according to the career you desire.

Florida Board of Nursing for Out of State Applicants

If you live outside Florida, but you need to get a nursing license, whether the licensed practical nurse license or the registered nurse license, the Florida Board can help you get the license you need to work as a professional nurse.

⦁ LPN program for the out of state applicants

If you are a licensed practical nurse or LPN and you are licensed in the other jurisdiction, you must provide your license’s verification. And if you already took the NCLEX, you don’t have to retake it in Florida. With some exceptions, you must take the NCLEX.

The NCLEX must be taken if your license was based on passing the other exam. California, for example, used the exam of specific licensing during a couple of years in the past. Fl board of nursing accepts that test.

But the Canadian LPNs should apply by the examination since Florida Board won’t accept the exams of Canadian licensing, especially at this licensing level.

⦁ RN program for the out of state applications

If you are already licensed in the US territory or state can apply by the endorsement. You should submit the verification of your license from your current licensing state and your initial state. There will be an application fee and an initial licensure fee of as much as 175 dollars.

The military spouses can apply for temporary licensure. The requirements stated by the Florida Board of Nursing will be the same, but the fee will be lesser than 175 dollars. Standard documents must be submitted along with the marriage proof and military orders.

The applicants should also show that they have a good reputation in the territory or state where they were holding the licensing.

The Florida RN License Renewal

The registered nurse licensing can be renewed easily. You can now renew the registered nurse licensing online by visiting the website of the Florida Board. There will be instructions about the requirements, process, and fees you need to know about renewing the registered nurse licensing.

The Florida Board of Nursing will not only help the registered nurses to renew the licensing, but the board will also help the Certified Nursing Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse, and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse to get their license updated.

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