2 Dental Hygiene Schools in Texas to Obtain Your License

Just like the other dental hygiene schools in the other states, some dental hygiene schools in Texas are offering programs that will help you as one of the students to get the license you need to become a legal and registered dental hygienist.

You must first graduate from the dental hygienist program that is accredited. You should also pass the clinical and written examination in order to receive the certificate of a dental hygienist to work closely with the dental assistants and dentists.

The Best Dental Hygiene Schools in San Antonio, Texas

These schools located in San Antonio, Texas are going to help you understand how to prepare the laboratory and clinical diagnostic tests so the dentist can interpret them. You will also understand how to remove plaque, stains, and tartar from the patients’ teeth.

The schools will also teach you how to examine the teeth and gums in order to find any oral abnormalities or disease. As a licensed dental hygienist, you will also know how to take x-rays as well as applying fluoride. You must also educate the dental patients.

It is the dental hygienist’s responsibility to inform dental patients about the right ways to maintain and obtain excellent oral hygiene. Here are the best schools you can consider to get the license:

⦁ The University of Texas Health Science Center

Under the healthcare program, this school located in San Antonio, Texas is offering dental hygiene programs, with 26 credit programs for students looking for bachelor’s degrees and 3 credit programs for students who want to get their master’s degree.

Besides, this school also offers some other programs related to dental including Dental Clinical Sciences, Dental Public Health and Education, and Dentistry.

⦁ Concorde Career College-San Antonio

The second of many dental hygiene schools in Texas is also located in San Antonio. This school focuses on healthcare programs. Among so many healthcare programs, there is a dental assisting program and a dental hygiene program.

The dental hygiene program will give you the associate’s degree once you complete the 40 credit programs.

How to Become A Dental Hygienist in Texas?

There are 5 steps you need to take to get your dental hygienist license in Texas. Below are the entire steps you shouldn’t skip if you really want this dental hygiene job.

⦁ Graduate from the dental hygiene schools in Texas

You should graduate from a school that’s approved by ADA (American Dental Association) and its CODA (Commission on Dental Accreditation). The program accredited by the associations will give you a bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree in the dental hygiene sector.

⦁ Pass the special exam for the dental hygienist

To be a legal dental hygienist, you must pass the NBDHE or National Board Dental Hygiene Examination that is also sponsored by the same association, ADA and its JCNDE (Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations. The exam is offered at many locations in Texas.

⦁ Pass the clinical examination

Another examination you must pass is the State or Regional Dental Hygiene Clinical Examination that is approved. This exam is required by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners through sponsors from some agencies such as Western Regional Examining Board and some other agencies.

⦁ Apply to get the license from Texas dental hygiene schools

You need to apply for the license of a dental hygienist that is required to get a better dental hygienist job with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. There will be some requirements you must meet before applying for licensure. The first will be your background investigation.

You must complete the fingerprint criminal records check. If they figure out that you are involved in any serious national and state criminal violations, you cannot proceed to the next step and won’t get the license.

⦁ Maintain the license you got from dental hygiene schools in Texas

The license of dental hygienist you got by graduating from dental hygiene schools Texas and completing the steps above will expire in 6 to 18 months once the license is issued. All you need to do is renew the license once a year.

You know how complicated it was to obtain the license. It is one of the precious things you need to maintain seriously. Make sure to renew the license when required and you can work conveniently as a dental hygienist.

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