25 Must-have Mobile Apps for Nurse Professionals

25 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Every Nurse
25 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Every Nurse

Organizationally, nursing is a white-collar profession. It’s often the case that nurse staff are required to be on their phones during work hours, as well as while they’re on call. This can lead to anxiety for nurses who feel like they lack the essential mobile apps for working within a healthcare organization. Fortunately, there are plenty of useful mobile apps that can help you keep your skills up to date, manage patients and schedules with ease, and stay organized while you’re on the go. Below, we feature some of the must-have mobile apps for nurses!

Organize and Manage Your Clients with the Nurse App

The Nurse App is perhaps the best-known mobile app for nurses, and it’s easily one of the most useful. This free app can help you keep track of all your patients, track your time as a nurse, schedule care, get detailed feedback on your patients, and much more. You can access the Nurse App with the Google (or iOS) or Apple (or Android) app.

Stay on Top of the Latest Patient Care Trends with the Hospital App

Many healthcare organizations are working to reduce the use of expensive, less-than-ideal medications by improving the quality of the care patients receive. One great way to do that is by using the hospital app to track drug-free intervals and read toxicity warnings on-the-go. The latest version of the hospital app includes data from more than 1,200 hospitals in the United States.

Collaborate and Collaborative Processes with the Clinic App

Clinics are the ultimate hybrid of hospital and home. That’s why the clinic app is a great fit for nurses. This free app allows you to track and manage a variety of patients, take care of your own needs (including scheduling appointments, ordering tests, and managing your health plan), and get timely feedback on your patients.

Take Care of Yourself with the Wellness and Nutrition App

This app is essential for anyone who wants to stay healthy while on the job. The best part is that you can get support from your peers. This free app has a wide range of features, including a diet diary, nutrition tips, and recommended daily intake amounts. It also lists top diet-related diseases and illnesses, with information and recommendations on how to prevent and manage them.

And Much More!

The list of useful mobile apps for nurses goes on and on. There are a number of must-have apps for every stage of your career as a nurse, as well as for those special moments on the job. Here are just a few of the many great options out there:

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