5 Crucial Things about PRN Medical Prescription to Consider

Have you ever heard about PRN Medical ? If you don’t work in the medical field, you might not be familiar with the PRN term. Actually, we can find the PRN medical name stated in the medicine detail information.

Normally medicines have different dosage to consume. Of course, the dose of medicine should follow the doctor’s prescription. When doctors prescribe medicine, sometimes they label some medicines with PRN. Actually, what does PRN mean in medical terms?

What is PRN Medical Meaning?

When you see a doctor, sometimes you receive prescriptions with a note PRN. The PRN medical abbreviation means “pro re nata”. Pro re nata originates from Latin. The phrase literally means as the thing born.

In medical terms, this phrase means “as the situation emerges” or “as needed”. If you find the label PRN on the medicine, it means that you only can take it in a particular situation.

In other words, you only take the medicine when you really need it. Otherwise, just leave it be. A patient doesn’t need to know about the medical term stated on the prescription because the pharmacists will surely translate it for you.

People who lack medical knowledge find it hard to decipher the prescription written by a doctor. Usually prescription-only consists of codes and jargons that only medical staff can understand. Among those unfamiliar codes, sometimes there is the PRN term too.

Pharmacists surely can convert those terms into common language. Thus, patients can understand. For example, a doctor prescribes a medication with PRN, it means you can only take the medicine if allergic symptoms appear.

Things Patients Should Do If There Is A PRN Medical Label in Prescription

Even though the pharmacist always explains the instructions on how to consume the medicine, patients should be aware of why they need medications with PRN. Here are important things that patients need to take into account if they find a PRN prescription.

Inform Your Medical History

no matter how trivial information you give to a doctor, sometimes it holds the key to determine your diagnosis and the treatment to take. Thus, you have to inform about your medical history as well when you see a doctor.

The doctor surely requires the medical history to decide what best medicines that can decrease the risk of your illness. For example, if you ever experienced allergic reactions after consuming certain products, then you have to inform the doctor about that.

Just tell the doctors all the details about any allergic reactions such as dizziness, indigestion, rash, etc. This medical history will lead doctors to prescribe medicines that won’t cause the same allergic reactions or minimize any side effects that might worsen your condition.

Vitamins or Supplements You Consume

If you are still consuming supplements and vitamins, you better tell your doctor in detail. Even though the supplements or vitamins are in the forms of natural substances or herbs, you still have to inform them about that.

The purpose of informing what type of supplements you consume is to prevent side effects that endanger your life. Some herbs or any vitamins you take might react with a medication prescribed by a doctor. Knowing those kinds of supplements, your doctor will consider it.

Get Accurate Information about current PRN medication

The PRN prescription usually refers to specific usage of the medicine. If you are curious about it, feel free to ask the pharmacist or doctors. They will gladly explain it to you. Asking about the PRN medical information will ensure that your medication is accurate.

Ask How to Use the Medication

It is okay to be a curious patient by asking so many questions related to PRN medications. You should ask about:

  • the correct dose of the medication
  • frequency to take it
  • what is going to happen if you miss the dose
  • its interaction to other medicines
  • side effects possibility
  • whether you can take it with a coffee or not
  • in what circumstances that you need to see a doctor

Request Written Details about Medication

When the doctor is going to prescribe a medication, it is possible to request the written form about medication details. You can ask about it if you really need a lot of information regarding the dose, side effects, dos and don’ts while taking medication.

PRN Medical Term In Medicine

On medicine prescriptions, we often find PRN labels on them. The PRN medicines are different from common medications. Normally, medication has instructions like “1 tablet per 8 hours” or “twice a day”.

This kind of instruction doesn’t apply in the PRN medical prescription. For example, there are some symptoms that might not appear every day in patients suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes. So, the medications in these circumstances will be effective if they take the medicine daily.

Usually, the pharmacist will inform you about the detailed instructions of when and how to take medication when they receive a PRN prescription from a doctor. These are important details regarding the instructions of PRN medications.

When Do You Need to Take the PRN Medication?

For instance, if it belongs to an anti-vomiting tablet, you can only consume it when you are feeling nauseous or when you vomit.

What Order to Take the PRN Medication?

Sometimes doctors prescribe PRN medications along with other medications. So, you have to ask in what order you take the PRN medicine.

Interval Between Doses

Most PRN medications are to reduce the symptoms. However, if the symptoms still persist when you take the PRN medicine, you better ask how long to wait for taking the next dose.

Maximum Dose Amount

For example, the PRN medication instruction states that the maximum dose is 4 times a day until the symptoms go away. In this case, you have to see the doctor immediately, if the symptoms are still there after you consume the maximum doses a day.

Being a curious patient by asking a lot of things related to PRN medical words might be useful to ensure your safety during consuming the medicine with the PRN label. Even if you don’t ask some questions about PRN, the pharmacists will automatically give detailed information about it

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