5 Facts about OB Nurse Practitioner You Should Know

The increasing demand for healthcare services has created opportunities for nurses in various specialities to expand their career. OB nurse practitioner or women’s health nurse practitioners are among speciality areas that offer an attractive salary and career prospects.

As one of the highest-paid nursing speciality, OGNP is not that simple to pursue. You must complete at least a master’s degree and get a nursing license before practising. If you are interested in this field, get more information and facts about OGNP below.

What is an OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner?

An obstetrics and gynaecology nurse practitioner (OGNP) is a highly trained medical professional who provides in-depth healthcare to female. They focus on sexual and reproductive health, pregnancy, and delivery. In addition, these nurses also diagnose and treat the condition by addressing symptoms.

Like advanced practice nurse counterparts, OB GYN NPs may practice independently or collaborate with specialists in hospitals or healthcare providers. They have many duties that are basically the same as that of an OB-GYN specialist.

A Nurse practitioner specializing in OB-GYN provides gynaecological services, fertility treatment, prenatal and postpartum care, family planning, family planning, and immunizations. They also provide care for chronic diseases like STD.

While doing their job, OB-GYN NPs must understand psychological and emotional needs of their patients related to fertility, pregnancy, and gynecological issues. They also conduct physical examinations and interpretation.

5 Facts about Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

OB nurse practitioner sounds a great job to gain financial benefits and prestige. But do you know how much money they can earn a year? Do you know OB-GYN NPS educational and license requirements? Check out 5 facts about women’s health nurse practitioner below.

⦁ Various Work Settings

Once you are authorized to practice nursing, you can choose from various work settings depending on the state’s regulation. Some states require OB GYN NPs to work under a specialist’s supervision, while others allow the independent practice.

Many OB GYN NPs also work in hospitals, OB-GYN and prenatal clinics, and medical offices that provide women healthcare. They may also work in other environments like healthcare agencies, women’s prisons, and community healthcare centres.

⦁ Long and Daunting Process

To apply for nurse practitioner women’s health jobs, you must earn a BSN degree and be certified as a registered nurse (RN). Get RN licensure work one or two years as an RN. After few years of experience, you can apply for a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Doctor of Nursing Practice.

During the program, you will study specialized coursework and clinical practice. There are so many programs to take, such as advanced pharmacology, advanced physiology, and women’s health specialization. Upon completion, you can get certification from the National Certification Corporation.

Before practising, OB-GYN NPs must obtain nurse practitioner state licensure in which they work. Every state has different licensing requirements, so you might need to check state board nursing before applying.

⦁ Attractive Salary

According to the BLS, OB nurse practitioner can earn about $108,051 per year. This means their hourly rate is about $51.95, which is equal to $9,004 per month. This high rate of salary is proportional when compared with their big responsibilities.

This average salary can vary depending on the state where you work, educational degree, place of work and years of experience. As you progress, your skills may improve, and you will obtain a higher wage.

⦁ Excellent Time and Stress Management

An OB-GYN NP must have an excellent time and stress management. Because hospitals and healthcare providers focus on productivity, it is pivotal that nurses have the ability to work under pressure and manage their stress despite the high workload they should handle.

⦁ Possess Orientation to Detail

Most OB NPs are required to possess orientation to details. They must be able to meticulously observe their patients, obtain their medical history, and perform an assessment. Thus, detail orientation can be useful to handle this job.

With the growing demand of healthcare workers, being an OB nurse practitioner can be perfect way to pursue your career. However, being an OB-GYN NP is not simple because of the long and tedious process and big responsibilities. With many duties, not surprisingly they earn a good salary.

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