6 Best Nursing Schools In Colorado to Set You in Nursing Career

Been one of the exceptional top states for nurses, nursing schools in Colorado are the right choice for you who want to learn everything about nursing. Many nursing schools in this state provide students with connection with local hospitals as well as health care centres. It raises your chances to get a potential job.

When you obtain your nursing education in Colorado, your degree will be compliant with any requirements that you have to fulfil in order to become a nurse in the state. Not to mention for working as a nurse today starting to look at a BSN degree as the minimum requirements.

6 Nursing Schools in Colorado

If you want to have higher opportunities to finding a nursing job both in the state and across the nation, here several nursing schools that you can enrol in in Colorado. They not only have a high NCLEX pass rate but also all-around facilities

Colorado Technical University

If you look for accredited nursing schools in Colorado, you can consider the BSN program at Colorado Technical University. There are three important things that you need to pay attention to before taking the BSN program in this school.

First, the majority of students in this school tend to complete RN to BSN degree. Second, the RN to BSN degree is fully available online. Third, how much tuitions that you need to pay for the nursing program are determined by your experience as well as previous school credit.

You cannot discover the NCLEX pass rate at Colorado Tech University because nursing students who enrol here are registered nurses. Choosing this university is an easy and inexpensive way to obtain a BSN degree for current nurses in the state.

Colorado Mountain College

Affordability is the main attraction of Colorado Mountain College. Nowadays this university doesn’t increase its tuition and keep ensuring that its in-state nursing students pay for the low tuition to earn related education. Even students from nearby locations can take benefits from this low tuition.

In order to complete a BSN degree at Colorado Mountain College, students previously have to obtain an associate degree in nursing, pass the NCLEX test, then take RN to BSN program through an online track. This degree can be completed in less than four years so you can start your nursing career faster.

Not only known as one of the best nursing schools in Colorado, but the NCLEX pass rate of this university is also impressive since it can reach 94.59 percent. With a high NCLEX pass rate and affordable tuition, it is hard not to put this school into your list of earning nursing education.

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Plan to earn a BSN degree from a reputable school beyond Denver? The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs can be a great choice for you. Here students not only can obtain the most comprehensive and related nursing education but also can enjoy the beautiful nature in Colorado Springs.

Students will start to get their nursing courses in the second semester when they take part by choosing between fall or spring cohort, based on the time when they apply for the degree. By then, you will get your degree and have clinical during senior year.

As the exceptional nursing schools in Colorado Springs, this university has quite a high NCLEX pass rate of 87.10 percent.

Colorado Mesa University

Colorado Mesa University claims to have competitive entry, it’s something that makes the student who wants to enrol to its BSN degree think twice. They also go for an alternative option to other schools when applying to this university.

Behind the tough competition to be accepted in this school, there are good reasons behind that. Colorado Mesa not only comes with affordable tuition but also get a high pass rate on the NCLEX test which is 95 percent. The BSN degree here both the best and qualified one that you can approach in Western Colorado.

Students who are already working as registered nurses can enrol in the RN to BSN program from this school that can be taken online. This will help them fulfil the educational requirements to be RN nurses but also give them the opportunity for a better career in the future.

University of Northern Colorado

The University of Northern Colorado is mainly a graduate school but nursing students are still able to get great qualified education through its BSN program. When you enrol on the BSN program in this school, you will be prepared to pass the NCLEX test. Students can complete the BSN program for more than nine semesters.

The actual purpose of the BSN program is to direct the students to continue their education and complete the graduate degree in nursing. Knowing that this university gets 92.52 percent on the NCLEX pass rate, it is one of the nursing schools in Colorado where you can obtain high-quality nursing education.

Those who plan to complete their MNP or DNP in Northern Colorado can put this school on the list. Once you earn specialized nursing education, you will have more chance to get a good position in your nursing career.

University of Colorado

The University of Colorado has expanded the schools to various cities across the state. However, if you plan to study nursing at this university, you can choose to study at a nursing school which is located in Denver. You can complete the BSN degree at this university for 24 months.

You also can study for this program fully in two years which also includes summer education. You can obtain this option after running two years of schools. Students typically start to study in a university in Denver city.

Although you need to do the demanding process of studying, you are prepared to be ready to indirectly take NCLEX soon after graduate. It’s not surprising because this university also becomes the top nursing schools in Colorado as their NCLEX pass rate can achieve 92.49 per cent.

Since nurses are popular jobs in Colorado and provide many great opportunities for you to work in hospitals and other healthcare services, completing your nursing education is important. There are many nursing schools in Colorado that provide comprehensive education and train your skill to be a nurse.

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