6 Nursing Schools in Denver With Nursing Programs

Denver city has been known for a quite long time as a place that offers a good opportunity for a nursing career. Hence, finding the good quality of nursing schools in Denver is not that difficult. The number of RN jobs in this city is abundant. The demands for this job even raise throughout the year.

Accreditation should be your main consideration when you choose to pursue nursing education in this city. It is to make sure that the nursing school you enrol in has been under supervision as well as using the nursing curriculum that has passed the standards.

6 Best Nursing School in Denver

As you can’t take the NCLEX test without an accredited degree, it is important to make sure that a nursing school you prefer has earned accreditation. Here is a rank for the top nursing schools that you can find in Denver and should be included in your list.

University of Colorado Anschutz

Becomes one of the best nursing schools in Denver Colorado and Denver metropolitan areas, University of Colorado Anschutz has several all-around nursing programs. Here, you can find four BSN degrees which include a traditional, an accelerated, an RNS and ASS, and to attend community colleges in the area.

This university’s nursing schools also offer graduate degrees too. They are MSN, DNP, as well as a nursing PhD. When you enrol in an MSN degree, there are twelve different specialities that you can opt for. You can apply to either BS to the DNP program or a post-graduate DNP.

The PhD program covers three areas to learn including caring science, biobehavioral science, as well as research on the healthcare system. Here, you can experience learning with advanced teaching methods as well as supporting technology for your successful nursing career.

Colorado Christian University

Still belongs to the best nursing schools in Denver and its surrounding area, Colorado Christian University provides various programs to support your nursing careers such as RN to BSN program, MSN, and DNP.

You can take benefit of pre-nursing to the BSN program too so that you are more ready to complete the program. The BSN program in this university is suitable for those who just start to jump into the nursing career or high school graduates who want to enrol in a traditional BSN program.

Besides, adult students who already work as nurses also can take the BSN program through an online track to meet the job education requirement.

As it is a private school, you can expect to pay first-rate tuition. However, you don’t need to worry because the money you spend worth the quality of education you will earn. Not to mention the reputation of Colorado Christian University as the leading school in the Rocky Mountain area.

Regis University

We are still on the top list of best nursing schools in Colorado, there is Regis University. There are some nursing programs in this school from bachelor to graduate degree. For the BSN program, there are four choices including a traditional, an accelerated, RN to BSN program, and CHOICE program.

Meanwhile, the MSN offers you five specializations to select. This university provides RN to MSN program as well as an MSN program in order to be a certified nurse practitioner. After completing the master’s degree, you can take the DNP program. You can find BSN to DNP program as well.

This nursing school focuses on giving services to others. Hence, when studying here you can expect to not only obtain a high-quality nursing education but also values being a nurse.

Aspen University

One of the nursing schools in Denver that offer top nursing programs from bachelor to doctoral degrees is Aspen University. Here, you are able to choose of enrolling between the BSN degree for the pre-licensure program and the RN to BSN program.

For the graduate degree, there is a traditional MSN and RN to MSN program. When you enrol in MSN program, you can choose one of five specialities available including public health, informatics, forensic nursing, nursing education, as well as administration and management.

Those who want to advance the education after completing the MSN program can take the DNP program. What makes this school interesting is the flexible schedules and online track in order to support working nurses to obtain the degree. Here, students also learn skills needed to work as professional RN.

Denver College of Nursing

Denver College of Nursing also comes with various nursing programs such as BSN in nursing, RN to BSN program, and MSN. Students need to complete the requirements prior to enrolling in the BSN program. Once accepted into the program, they need to complete seven quarters of the available nursing course.

Since this school understands the importance of good nurses in the future, they not only provide a good quality of education but also give students the opportunity to take part in service activities. Like its name, all you find here is about nursing because there are no other programs so that the students remain focused.

Arapahoe Community College

Considering how much do BSN nurses make in Colorado, Arapahoe Community College offers an AAS program and BSN in nursing program that can make their graduates survive on their careers. There is also a completion program for RN and AAS students who want to take dual degrees.

If so, students are able to take the courses online partially. Each student has to complete practicum so that students experience life-long learning, train their leadership skill in a nursing career, as well as broaden their perspective to the current condition in clinical nursing practice.

Since this college has been established in 1965, they try to make nursing education accessible to all students. They not only provide a high-quality education but also over 100 certificates to earn and outstanding nursing degree programs to open better career opportunities.

Those who are in search of exceptional nursing schools in Denver, those top six nursing schools need to put into considerations. It is because each school offers various nursing programs that one of them might be suitable for your personal goal as a nurse.

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