9 Steps of GA Nursing License Renewal to Follow

To become a nurse, especially in Georgia, you should earn your GA nursing license first. The license will make you a registered nurse. Nurses can join the workforce once they graduate from high school. They can also pursue an advanced degree by attending online nursing school.

You can obtain a nursing license by taking the required education, depending on any specific career you choose. What if you already have a registered nurse license or RN license? It would be best if you renewed it once per 2 years, every January 31.

Complete Steps of Georgia Nursing License Renewal

There are some steps you need to take to renew the RN license every nurse already had. Follow the steps below so you’ll work conveniently as a registered nurse.

⦁ Complete the requirements

Every nurse who will renew the GA nursing license must complete the CE requirements then submit them to the CE Broker. There are two options nurses can choose to submit the CE documentation to the Georgia Board of Nursing.

The first option is by connecting the CEU fast account with the CE Broker to report automatically. When the automated reporting is enabled, the CE’s will be electronically sent immediately to the Georgia State Board of Nursing once you pass the online course test of the CE.

The second option to consider is registering with the CE Broker to create a free account. Then upload the complete documentation.

⦁ Enter the Ga nursing license renewal system

To enter or log into the online renewal system, nurses can enter their ID and password. If nurses don’t have the user ID and password, they must first register before logging in.

⦁ Choose the Renew License option

Once the nurses have logged into the Georgia renewal website, there will be a summary of the nurse’s license information. A nurse must click the option that says Renew License displayed on the menu, right on the page’s left side.

⦁ Select the license to be renewed

Now nurses must choose the license they want to renew. Then click the Continue option. What must renew every authorization or license you own one after another. Registered nurse license for advanced practise should renew the registered nurse license first.

Then What must complete the process to renew the advanced practice registered nurses or APRN authorization once the registered nurse license is renewed.

⦁ Read the entire instructions carefully

All nurses must read the entire instructions about documentation requirements to renew the Ga nursing license. Once you’re done reading everything, you can click on the link that says “Click here to begin”, then proceed with the application of license renewal.

⦁ Update the information

Now you must update the personal information and also information of your license demographic. Review your information carefully, then update the email address. Next, please read the entire renewal questions and answer them carefully.

⦁ Review the summary of your transaction

Reviewing your transaction summary is crucial. It helps you check the entire information and make sure everything is accurate. Read your own answers to all renewal questions, then verify the information of the demographic you submitted.

⦁ Enter the payment information

The next step to renew nursing license GA is entering the payment information that can be done by following the provided instructions. You must pay the nonrefundable fee to renew your registered nurse license, as much as 65 dollars.

⦁ Get the physical copy for your registered nurse renewal.

It is crucial to get the physical copy as your records’ receipt. Simply use the Licensure Search feature that you can find on the website of the Georgia Board

of Nursing. This is going to verify that the registered nurse license you own now has the active status.
Always check your GA nursing license and make sure that the expiration date of your registered nurse is already updated. If you follow the entire steps above, Who should have updated your RN license, and you can work comfortably now until it is time to renew the license again.

But if you find What couldn’t complete any trouble and the license renewal within five business days, you need to contact the call centre of professional licensing boards to get this thing fixed.

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