Ask a Nurse: I Was Arrested — Can I Become a Nurse?

Ask a Nurse: I Was Arrested — Can I Become a Nurse?
Ask a Nurse: I Was Arrested — Can I Become a Nurse?

Before you start your nursing career, you’ll need to pass an entrance exam and have a portfolio of work. Even with these obstacles, many students look at the prospect of becoming a nurse and are inspired to pursue it. But what if you’ve already been arrested? That’s right: becoming a nurse is still an option even if you have record of arrest or other police activity. According to the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), this doesn’t mean that reentering the profession is impossible — just that it requires extra thought and planning. Keep reading to know more about becoming a nurse after being arrested.

What Is the Re-Entry Process for Nurses?

Many aspiring nurses are unsure how to proceed after they’ve been arrested. The fact that many criminals go on to become nurses further complicates the issue. The nursing center where you applied to attend said high-quality health-care program will likely question your arrest history and your ability to safely practice as a nurse. Furthermore, if you have a record of other arrests, you may be expelled from the profession. To make things worse, you may also have to take an entrance exam and pass a certification exam to become a registered nurse. These are all significant hurdles to overcome.

Steps You’ll Need to Take After Being Arrest

Regardless of how you get into nursing, you will need to take a number of steps after being arrested. First, get your mug shot taken, as it will be used as proof of your arrest. Next, check your criminal history, specifically the arrest record, to make sure there are no further issues. If there are no further problems, you can submit an application to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook to become a nurse. You’ll need to pay a fee to be listed in the manual, but it’s well worth it. Once you have your occupational outlook handbook, pack your bags, and head to the nearest library. Read as much as you can about nursing as you’ll need to get familiar with the requirements for becoming a nurse.

How to Become a Registered Nurse after Being Arrest

If you have a criminal history, don’t despair. There are several programs that can help you become a registered nurse. The National Crime Victimization Survey found that nearly one-quarter of victims of crime know the offender but do not report it. What’s more, one-fifth of victims remain uninjured, but 3% of the offender suffers a personal injury. This is why you’ll need to speak to a criminal-history counselor at your local college or vocational school. Once you have information about your criminal history, you’ll need to apply to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to become a registered nurse. You can expect to pay around $13,000 and apply for a number of years before you finally receive approval to work with patients. Once you’re registered, you’ll need to undergo a rigorous training program to become a nurse. You might have to sit for exams, complete a number of tasks, and even spend a night on the grounds of a hospital to become a registered nurse. After you pass the exam, you’ll have the necessary credentials to start your career as a registered nurse.

Becoming a Critical Care Nurse after Being Arrest

Becoming a registered nurse after being arrested is a highly competitive field. For that reason, many people choose to become critical care nurses after they’ve been arrested. You’ll need to have a high school degree and pass rigorous training to become a critical care nurse. After that, you must complete hours of instruction, clinical work, and practice before being able to officially join a hospital or community-based medical program. There are several ways to make it in the industry after being arrested. Some people go on to work as a correctional officer, while others work in a hospital or community-based health-care setting. Some people even become certified nursing assistants after being arrested. This certification allows you to work in a number of settings, including hospitals and medical facilities.

becoming an Essential Care Nurse after being arrested

One way to become an essential care nurse after being arrested is through a fellowship. This is a highly selective program meant to help people who are highly skilled in the field of nursing. You must have a Masters or Doctorate degree in nursing to qualify for a fellowship. After you’ve completed a fellowship, you’ll need to work as an independent contractor for a period of time to earn back your money. You’ll need to commit to a strict regimen of study, including attendance at weekly nursing-education classes, hours of practice, and dedicated work. Some people even go on to become administrators after they’ve been arrested.


Becoming a nurse after being arrested is a challenging process. It takes planning, determination, and hard work. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to become a nurse after being arrested.

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