6 Most Common Questions about Associate of Science in Nursing

Do you want to be a nurse but don’t know where to start? Learning about Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) can be a brilliant idea. Getting to know about this program helps you understand what is required for your dream nursing specialities.

Associates of science are one of three programs at the associate degree level aside from ADN and AAS. Even though there are minor differences in these programs, you need to know their focus to make a better decision. Find more about this program from the most common questions below.

What are Associates in Science Nursing?

The ASN is the first step to prepare a career as a nurse. It is a two-year program for anyone who wishes to be a registered nurse. This degree helps you prepare to take the NCLEX exam through coursework and training. The program also allows students to advance their career by obtaining BSN.

Some institutions like vocational schools or local community college typically offer this program and award an ASN degree. Upon graduation, you will be eligible to join the NCLEX program.

Basically, the ASN is not significantly different from the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). What is an ADN nurse program? It is also a two-year program that prepares students to pursue their careers as registered nurses or licensed practical nurses.

What Curriculum Does This Program Include?

The Associate of Science in Nursing program includes a variety of courses that include:
⦁ Anatomy
⦁ Social and behavioural science
⦁ Microbiology
⦁ Psychology
⦁ Nutrition
⦁ Chemistry
⦁ Physiology
⦁ Mental health nursing, etc.

To obtain an ASN degree, you are required to accomplish these courses. You will also need to complete hands-on training at appointed clinical healthcare providers.

How to Get an ASN Degree?

You will need to complete a two-year program ASN program to obtain this degree. During the program, students are required to accomplish a set of coursework mentioned above. On top of that, what will demand you to meet a specific number of minimum hours of clinical work?

After completing the coursework, you will have to take an NCLEX exam. Only if you pass the exam you will get RN licensing. For skills improvement and a better career in the healthcare industry, you are encouraged to receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

How Much Can RN with ASN Make Annually?

According to the BLS, the average salary of an RN with an associates degree is about $65,470. The average wage of nurses with ASN varies depending upon years of experience. Seasoned nurses can make higher salaries than entry-level counterparts.

As you progress and your skill improves, you can obtain more salaries. However, other factors also play a role in determining how much a nurse can make. These factors include the place of work and the nursing field.
Is ASN Program Worth It?

Taking an ASN program gives you a lot of benefits. Besides financial benefits, an ASN degree can be your key to career advancement. There are huge opportunities for registered nurses who hold this license.

Not only can you work in a dream workplace, but you can also choose a nursing specialization to advance your knowledge and skills further. Many specialities choose from, such as nurse anaesthetist with the highest salary or oncology nurse that offers high job growth.

How about Career Opportunity?

Nurses with an Associate of Science in Nursing degree have a wide opportunity to expand their career in the healthcare industry. As a registered nurse, you can work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities like doctor’s offices or healthcare centres in your area.

Hospitals commonly hire registered nurses with an ASN degree. But some hospitals may require you to advance your skills and knowledge further, so you are required to obtain a BSN degree.

In addition to career opportunity, you can be a travel nurse who works with patients from multiple states. Working with insurance companies is another brilliant way to boost your career and earn a higher salary as you can be an RN care manager. Some registered nurses also work in universities or colleges.

All in all, being a nurse is not an easy process. There are some programs to take, including the Associate of Science in Nursing. After you complete this program, you will obtain an ASN degree that can be a powerful key to unlock a wide career opportunity in the healthcare industry.

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