Average Dental Hygiene Salary in 2021

Average Dental Hygiene Salary in 2021 –  A dental hygienist has several duties. They are responsible for cleaning teeth, seeking signs of oral diseases, and providing education for them. With such responsibility, how much is the average dental hygiene salary?

Just as with other jobs in the healthcare industry, the median salary of a dental hygienist is relatively high. However, it may vary by some factors like state and years of experience. Scroll through to find the top 5 states where dental hygienist can earn the most.

Top 5 Average Dental Hygiene Salary by State

According to the latest data of the BLS, dental hygienist salary ranges from $76,000 per year to $89,000 per year. The median salary in your state may be different as it heavily depends on living in the area.
Do you ever wonder which states offer the highest dental hygienist salary in the US? Here is the list for you:

⦁ Alaska

With a cold temperature that can drop below zero, being a healthcare worker isn’t easy in Alaska. Not surprisingly, there are no more than 610 dental hygienists registered in this state.

Despite the challenging environment, dental hygienists in Alaska can make the most money. The state offers around $114,790 of annual salary, with an hourly rate is about $55.19. This salary rate is significantly higher than in other states like Alabama or Mississippi.

⦁ California

What is the average dental hygienist salary in California? As the second-highest paying states in the US, dental hygienists in California can make around $106,240 per year. With a $51.08 hourly rate, working in this state brings huge monetary benefits.

⦁ Washington DC

The average dental hygiene salary in Washington DC is approximately $102,380 per year or $49.22 per hour. This salary rate brings DC to the top-three position of the highest paying states in the US. However, it can vary depending on the place of work and experience.

⦁ Washington

With more than 6,660 registered dental hygienist in Washington, it becomes one of the states with the highest salary. RDHs can earn about $93,200 per year, with an hourly rate is around $44.81. Not surprisingly, this state can attract more workers each year.

⦁ Oregon

On the fifth position of the highest paying states for RDHs, Oregon offers approximately $82,270 per year or $41.96 per hour. There is 3,810 dental hygienist registered in this state, which means it is considered a good place to advance their career.

Top 5 Lowest Paying States for RDHs in the US

Some states like Alabama and Mississippi have the least dental hygienist salary. It reflects their median household incomes that are less than other states. Here are the top 5 states where RDHs earn the least.

⦁ Alabama

Alabama has approximately 3,790 RDHs working in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and dentist’ office. Despite the huge number of workers, Alabama offers the least salary. How much does a dental hygienist make an hour in Alabama? It is around $23.12 or $48,090 annually.

⦁ Mississippi

Mississippi is the second least paying state for the registered dental hygienist. According to the BLS, RHDs can earn $26.99 per hour, which means they can make around $56,150. But dental hygienists can earn more as they progress and pursue a better career.

⦁ West Virginia

Next on the list, West Virginia offers an average dental hygiene salary of about $60,340 with an hourly rate of $29.01. Registered dental hygienist seems not an attractive job in this state as it only has 1,050 dental hygienists working in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

⦁ Kentucky

Starting your career as a dental hygienist can open a better opportunity, especially in Kentucky. With an annual wage of around $61.090 and an hourly rate of $29.37, many dental hygienists can achieve their goal to get a better career in this field.

⦁ South Carolina

The last state with the least salary for RDHs is South Carolina. More than 2,270 dental hygienists working in South Carolina are pretty much higher than that in West Virginia. RDHs can earn around $63,710 per year with an hourly rate of around $30.63.

Finding the best place to start your career is essential. You may decide to move to states with high average dental hygiene salary but working in states with a low salary can be a stepping stone to achieve your goal.

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