Average Nurse Salary in 10 Highest Paying States

The Healthcare industry is undoubtedly lucrative. Not surprisingly, the average salary of healthcare workers is relatively high. And if you plan to pursue your career as a registered nurse, it becomes essential to know the average nurse salary in the United States.

The average salary of a registered nurse heavily depends on several factors, like the living cost in the area, type of nurse, and years of experience. Type of degree also becomes an important factor that determines nurse salary.

7 Highest Average Pay of Nurse in the US

According to the report of the US BLS, California has the highest nurse salary among all states in the US followed by Hawaii and the District of Columbia. Meanwhile, nurses in South Dakota receives the least average salary of $59,540. Here is the list of 7 states with the highest nurse salary in the US.

⦁ California

The latest report of the US Bureau Labor Statistic showed that California positions the first rank of the highest paying states. With more than 302,770 nurses registered in this state, the average RN salary is around $113,240 with average hourly is $54.44.

⦁ Hawaii

Registered nurses in Hawaii can make around $104,060 per year with average hourly $50.03, which is much higher than other states throughout the US. There are approximately 11,330 nurses registered throughout the area.

⦁ District of Columbia

The average nurse salary in the District of Columbia is also higher than in other states like Nevada or even New York. RNs in this state make $94,820 per year with average hourly is around $45.59. However, it heavily depends on your experience and degree type.

⦁ Massachusetts

On the next position, there is Massachusetts that offers an average hourly salary of around $44.79, allowing their RNs to collect $93,160 per year. Based on current data, there are more than 81,020 nurses working in this state.

⦁ Oregon

With over 36,660 nurses registered, Oregon is one of the highest paying states in the US. Here, average nursing pay is as much as $92,960 with an average hourly salary of $44.69. This amount varies depending on years of experience and area.

⦁ Alaska

Surprisingly, Alaska’s average nurse wage is higher than that of New York. Nurses in this state can earn $90,500 annually with an average hourly salary of $43.51. However, a high salary seems not attractive enough to invite labourers as it only has around 6,210 nurses.

⦁ Nevada

Nevada is in the 7th position of the highest paying states in the US. It offers around $88,380 for an annual nurse salary with an hourly rate of up to $42.49.

Factors that Affect Nurse Salary

The salaries listed above are the average pay for RNs across all types. The salaries may vary depending on a variety of factors, such as your speciality, experience, place of work, and other factors. Here are some things that can affect how much you collect.

⦁ Years of Experience

If it is your first year as a registered nurse, you will collect fewer than seasoned nurses. As your skills improve and your career progresses rapidly, the nursing annual salary you receive will improve. Moreover, if you have specialities, the more your wages increase.

⦁ Place of Work

Your workplace can impact how much you can make. The average nurse salary in a profitable healthcare provider might be higher than that of smaller entities. On top of that, the cost of living in your area also takes a major part in determining your annual wages.

⦁ Types of Nurses

The nursing job you handle is another factor that can impact how much you can make. Nurse practitioners or nurse anaesthetists earn higher wages than those without advanced practices.
How you work also plays a major role in the annual salary. For instance, travel nurses are able to earn higher salaries than traditional nurses.

⦁ Types of Degree

Nurses with a graduate degree will make a higher annual wage. As they further their education and earn Bachelor’s degree, nurses average pay increases and tend to be higher than nurses with an Associate’s degree. Or if want to earn more, you might need to pursue a Master’s degree.

In addition to salary, you will also need to consider other aspects like job benefits, work-life balance, and hours of work. Some healthcare providers also provide training to improve nursing skills and it can be an added value aside from the average nurse salary.

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