6 The Best Nursing Schools in California with Reputable Nursing Programs

Selecting nursing schools in California needs careful consideration, particularly if you decide on a career as a nurse. Since California is a state in the US with the highest employment level for this job, a nurse has become a potential career in the future and now there are many reputable nursing schools in this state.

There are numerous ways to fulfil education requirements to be a nurse in this state. All you have to do is determining how to become an RN in California based on your purposes. This is very helpful for you to opt for nursing schools in this state with an appropriate program.

6 Leading Nursing Schools in California

If you are still looking for reputable schools to support your nursing career in California, here several schools that place the top position in this state. You can consider them to get the best knowledge and skills in an appropriate nursing program.

California State University, Long Beach

Coming with a 100 percent of NCLEX pass rate, California State University in Long Beach is famous for its one of the best nursing programs in this state. Its nursing program has been a pride and serves as a premier option making sure that all the nursing students obtain one of the first-rated nurse education in the US.

There are traditional BSN and MSN that becomes the primary focus of this university. It offers three different track options that can be taken in traditional, RN-BSN, as well as accelerated. Despite those two programs, you can still find other good-quality nursing programs that meet your career goals.

Not just giving the students anything to learn about becoming a nurse from the experts as well as supported with the top facilities, this university is located in a wonderful location. Thus, it is not surprising if many people choose this university before they begin their career as a nurse in the state.

California State University, Sacramento

California State University, Sacramento not only renowned as the best nursing schools in California but also the diverse school in the state. Both people from California and other states in the US make it their first resort to learn everything about nursing and getting the degree.

It has known to be one of the universities with a very high-quality BSN program. It is an impeccable choice for arriving freshmen who never had any nursing experience. Here, they will learn to be a nurse from scratch with qualified lecturers. It appears to be one of the nursing schools with the highest NCLEX pass rate too.

Even those who already work as a nurse but haven’t had a related education background has an opportunity to get the degree from this university. It is because California State University in Sacramento comes with an RN BSN program for the current nurse.

University of California, San Francisco

Becomes one of the top nursing schools in California, it is not surprising if in-state students need to pay a very high amount of tuition to be able to complete their nursing degree in this university. Even students who come from outside California who study in this school have to pay a higher amount of tuition.

The tuition rate in this university even varies based on the nursing option you opt for to learn. However, this is something that worth paying for because you study in a first-rate school whose NCLEX pass rate achieves 93.85 percent.

The most interesting track of this university is accelerated MSN. Those who already hold bachelor’s degrees can take this three-year program even though they come in different fields. Thus, this university helps you to have a better career as a nurse in the future by taking related education background.

⦁ San Diego State University

San Diego State University is both known as the top public schools and nursing schools in California. Currently have over 36,000 students, it is a destination for people both inside and outside the state to obtain a qualified education. Not to mention those who want to have a career as a nurse.

This university comes with four nursing programs BSN, RN-BSN, MSN, as well as LVN-RN. SDSU even provides a rare yet special opportunity for their nursing students to study abroad. It is something that you might never get from other schools.

The high NCLES pass rate which up to 98.04 percent as well as low tuition for in-state students has made this university in the top list of the majority of students.

Azusa Pacific University

Even though private schools require you to pay higher tuition than public ones, many students like to choose it due to various reasons such as specializations available and flexible admission. Place the first rank of private nursing school California is Azusa Pacific University.

Besides offering BSN and MSN programs in nursing, the special thing about this school the PhD program in nursing which requires four years to complete. Enrolling in this program not only will expand your nursing career but also enables you to learn either family and community health or international health.

Along with PhD in nursing practice, there are also MSN as clinical nurse specialists as well as MSN as a family nurse practitioner for you who are looking for a post-graduate degree in nursing.

Brandman University

The second position of private nursing schools in this state belongs to Brandman University. It has a hands-on curriculum where students with an associate degree in nursing can take some of the classes online. This option is available if you choose RN to BSN program.

Here, there is also the BSN to Doctor Program in Nursing Practice which can be taken fully online with a variety of areas of focus. You can take a postdoc degree in nursing in this university with numerous specializations which require you to make a dissertation and join a residency.

Those are several nursing schools in California that place the top position in the list for obtaining a related nursing degree. Before you choose the school and the nursing program, it is important to determine your career purpose and programs available at school so that you can get what you need.

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