List of the Best Nursing Schools In Florida in 2021

List of the Best Nursing Schools In Florida– Florida very famous with many Nursing graduated. There are about 154 institutions in the state that offer some kind of nursing degree. If we limit our search to non-profit colleges and universities, we still have 100 choices.

Nursing degrees with the best earning potential and career choice are likely to be at the bachelor’s level or higher. But even if we limit our search to four-year colleges and universities, Florida still has 51 options for nursing degrees.

Best Nursing Schools In Florida

The schools below all offer bachelor’s degrees in nursing, and most also offer bachelor’s degrees at master’s and doctoral levels. Schools are selected based on the clinical experience they offer, program size and reputation, graduate success, and campus facilities. Here are the 3 of the best nursing school in Florida

Florida International University

For students looking to study nursing in the Miami area, the Florida International University College of Nursing & Health Sciences is an excellent choice.

At the undergraduate level, the university offers several degree pathways including a traditional Bachelor of Science program in Nursing, an online program for registered nurses to get their BSN, and a BSN degree with accelerating for those who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field. This final program can be completed in just three semesters.

Like most good nursing schools, FIU believes that students learn by doing, so the degree path includes a lot of hands-on experience. This is supported by a nursing school mock hospital at the Center for Simulation Teaching and Research. In total, the university has 15 laboratories and learning facilities. This university is one of the best nursing school in Florida.

FIU’s school of nursing offers a total of 20 degree and certificate programs ranging from BSN to PhD in Nursing. The nursing school has about 1,000 students enrolled in all programs. The university pass rate on the National Council Licensing Exam for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) tends to be around 90%.

Florida State University

The College of Nursing at Florida State University offers degrees at the baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral levels. The BSN program clearly prepares its students well, as evidenced by the 95% school graduation rate on the NCLEX-RN. Florida State University also a favourite best nursing school in Florida.

Admission to the FSU College of Nursing is selective, and students enrol after completing two years of general education and prerequisite courses. Once accepted, students gain hands-on experience through the school’s patient simulator and clinical laboratory, and clinical experiences take place in various health care institutions in the Tallahassee area.

Nova Southeast University

Registered Nursing is by far the most popular undergraduate degree program at Nova Southeastern University. The school graduates more than 400 students annually at the undergraduate level. Various school locations and online options make it possible to obtain a nursing degree for students with geographic and time constraints, that why Nova Southeast University become one of the best nursing school in Florida.

The NSU College of Nursing has partnerships with major hospitals and health centres so that students can gain valuable clinical experience, and the school’s simulation lab and patient assist simulators prepare students for their interactions with real patients. The university graduation rate on the NCLEX-RN tends to be a little under 90%.

Best Accelerated Nursing Programs In Florida

Florida is known to have the highest employment rates for nurses. So it is very clear, that the reason why some nurses continue nursing careers by choosing one of the many accelerated nursing programs in Florida.

This top-rated nursing program helps people who already have a bachelor’s degree in arts or sciences in other fields. This way, you can complete your course as quickly as possible in 12 months or so. This is the reason why many students in Florida search for the best nursing school in Florida.

In Florida, nurses are helping provide facelift health care. To equip them for the challenge, they must graduate from a state-approved nursing program. Accelerated nursing programs have flexible schedules and offer a better way of learning.

These programs of the best nursing school in Florida are offered at several colleges across the state and most can take 12 to 16 months to complete. Accelerated programs can be very rigorous and full-time. Also, they need commitment on campus. Entry requirements vary from program to program and may affect tuition fees, as some eligibility criteria may require additional coursework.

Why Consider a Treatment Program with Expedited Options?

This accelerated nursing program in Florida creates a way to pursue the degree you want in much less time, compared to traditional nursing programs.You will get nursing education from professionals teacher that what to reach the goals of accelerated nursing program.Make sure the school you choose meets some of these requirements before you finally go on to an accelerated nursing program.

  • The number of students who graduate each year from the total enrolled
  • First-time NCLEX pass rate
  • How satisfied are students with the course and student services
  • Can be employed during the first post-licensing year

Here are the 3 best nursing school in Florida with an accelerated program.

Gulf Coast State College

Located in Panama City, Florida, Gulf Coast College offers a variety of accelerated nursing programs including an RN to BSN program that allows students to accelerate their quest for advancement in their nursing careers.

California State University

California State University offers an accelerated nursing program for students who have a bachelor’s degree in another field of study and have taken prerequisites.It ran for 15 months as it would require you to be present full-time by plugging in 59 units.

Seminole State College of Florida

Some students complete other nursing programs on campus and then graduate from an online RN to BSN program at Seminole State College.

There is also a 60 hour clinical segment. Nursing degrees in this school already hold accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).
There are information about best nursing school in Florida, hope this will be your reference to choose the best school.

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