Career Pathways for Nurse: 10 Best Career Choices for Nurses

The best thing about being a nurse is that you have plenty of options for a career and work environment. Career pathways for nurses vary widely depending on your speciality area and field of interest. For instance, RNs can work with patients in the hospital or join government agencies.

To further advance their career, individuals can take the nursing speciality area, aside from gaining monetary benefit, taking specialities to open wide opportunities in their career pathway. See career choices you can enjoy with a nursing degree.

Career Pathway for Nurses with Various Specialties

Once you earn a nursing license, you can choose from a variety of career opportunities. The following career paths are available for nurses from various educational backgrounds, allowing you to pick one that suits your interest and career aspiration.

⦁ Nurse Anesthetist

Nurse anaesthetists are responsible for providing patients with anaesthesia and monitoring them during surgeries. This career path is suitable for individuals with a big career aspiration because it offers a high salary of about $180,000 per year.

To become a nurse anaesthetist, you must have a two-year of experience as a registered nurse. When it comes to educational requirements, you will need to obtain a BSN prior to taking an MSN with nurse anesthesia program.

⦁ Nurse Midwife

The career path to nursing in this speciality area is wide open. With the job growth trend reaching up to 31 per cent by 2022, it can be a stepping stone to a bigger career. An entry-level nurse-midwife can earn about $79,000 a year.
Nurse-midwives help deliver babies and provide healthcare before and after the birth. It is also their duty to educate them about family planning. To be a licensed nurse-midwife, you must obtain an MSN and a mid-wife speciality program.

⦁ Nursing Administrator

Career pathways for nurses who provide indirect care for the patient are also prospective. Nursing administrator, for instance, shows significant job growth trend up to 26 per cent by 2022. They can earn about $99,000 a year, depending on the work settings and years of experience.

The main duties of nursing administrators include providing management support within healthcare facilities. They also recruit and hire staff and handle a variety of business aspects in medical facilities. A graduate nursing program is required to be a nursing administrator.

⦁ Licensed Practical Nurse

If you wish to get into the workforce sooner, being a licensed practical nurse can be perfect for achieving your goal. An LPN is responsible for providing basic care for a patient, such as checking blood pressure and body temperature, collecting blood samples, and even feeding and bathing.

A one-year training program is needed to become a licensed practical nurse. To further advance career pathways for nurses, obtaining a higher level of education is required. Entry-level LPNs can earn about $44,151 that may vary depending on the place of work.

⦁ Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is highly educated and skilful, not surprisingly they have an excellent career path in nursing. They are responsible for providing quality, comprehensive care. NPs often collaborate with physicians, even though they may have full authority in some states.

By 2020, this speciality area is expected to grow by 25 per cent. Nurse practitioners are among the highest paying nursing specialities, with around $111,000 per year. An MSN degree is required to be a nurse practitioner.

Nursing Specialties with the Highest Salary

If you have a huge interest in a monetary benefit, you might need to check out the following list of nursing specialities that can earn the highest salary.

⦁ Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

According to the BLS, CNRAs can earn about $180,000 per year, which means their hourly rate is more than $80. Not only does this speciality area offer an enthralling salary, but it also promises an excellent job growth trend.

⦁ General Nurse Practitioner

General nurse practitioners are responsible for providing quality, in-depth care for patients. This speciality area allows them to make about $111,000 per year.

⦁ Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical nurse specialist work in specialized unit. They have big responsibilities for diagnosing and treating a variety of conditions. With a wide range of duty, clinical nurse specialist can earn about $106,028 per year.
In a nutshell, career pathways for nurses vary widely depending on their speciality areas. No matter your preference, find one that will be right for you.

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