5 and More Colleges with Dental Hygiene with The Best Program

Colleges with dental hygiene you’ll see below will help you obtain the associate degree, especially dental hygiene. The colleges you will see below are the best options you can consider if you want to get great salaries once you complete your dental education.

Colleges with Dental Hygiene Programs Near Me

Among so many colleges in the US, here are the best ones that offer the dental hygiene program you desire. There is also a median salary detail, which is the average annual salary of dental students after graduation. The department of education reports the median salary detail.

⦁ Shoreline Community College

This college that is located in Shoreline, Washington, is offering a comprehensive dental hygiene curriculum. The degree program in this college teaches the students about the techniques of oral care that are used in the field of dental hygiene.

The coursework covers how to examine the patients, read and interpret the radiographs, administer the local anaesthesia and the nitrous oxide, and fill the cavities in the patient’s teeth. Students will not only learn practical skills but also how to interact with patients.
The median salary of Shoreline Community College’s students is 76,600 dollars. And this college’s graduation rate is 31%.

⦁ Santa Rosa Junior College

The next of colleges with dental hygiene is the Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa, California that designs the program of dental hygiene to educate the students about the practical techniques and the essentials of interaction and communication with the patients.

The 2 years associate degree curriculum in this college include the coursework on dental hygiene science. It includes the cleaning procedures, disease detection, and the instruction to educate the patients about the right oral care.

Santa Rosa Junior College’s median salary of the students is 72,400 dollars. The graduation rate of this college is higher than the previous one, 35%.

⦁ Northern Virginia Community College

This one of the best community colleges with dental hygiene programs will give you the Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene on your graduation day. The 72-credit program offered by this college will give you a firm understanding of the practices and theories of dental hygiene.

The curriculum used by this college in Annandale, Virginia, includes coursework in oral radiography, dental hygiene, office ethics and practices, and managing anxiety and dental pain. The courses will prepare you with the practical procedures and techniques of dental care.

This school has a graduation rate of 25%, with the median salary of the students in 69,300 dollars.

⦁ Tulsa Community College

Tulsa Community College in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is one of many colleges with dental hygiene that prepares students to be competent dental hygienists. The program offered by this college is an 83-credit you can complete in 5 semesters at the college’s Metro Campus.

The class will be conducted weekly, from Monday to Friday, starting from 7:30 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon. This on-campus and full-time schedule will immerse you in the dental hygiene program then encourage you to be completely engaged with your peers, professors, and studies.

Tulsa Community College’s median salary of the students is 66,900 dollars, with the school’s graduation rate at 15%.

⦁ Community College of Denver

Colorado has 3 different colleges with dental hygiene programs. One of them is the Community College of Denver. This school is offering the Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene. The program comes with 93-credit that provides the education you need to pass the exams.

The Commission completely accredits the program of dental hygiene offered by this school on Dental Accreditation, a legal accrediting body in the department of education in the United States. The school’s graduation rate is 10%, with the students’ median salary of 66,800 dollars.

Many Other Colleges with Dental Hygiene Program

The five schools above are not the only options you have. You can consider some other colleges with dental hygiene majors, such as the Rose State College in the Midwest City, Oklahoma. There is also The Community College of Baltimore County in Baltimore, Maryland.

Or you can consider San Joaquin Valley College located in Visalia, California and 12 other locations.

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