Community Health Nurses – Health Care Workers with a Passion

Community Health Nurse Career Overview
Community Health Nurse Career Overview

You’ve probably heard that nursing is a vocation, and a calling. A career in nursing is not just physically demanding, but it’s also mentally and emotionally taxing. As a result, health care professionals with an interest in helping people are in high demand. If you’re fascinated by the topic of health and want to work in the field, then consider joining the healthcare community nursing (CHC) profession. This is because becoming a CHC nurse requires an incredible amount of dedication, as well as a passion for serving others. Generally referred to as “community health nurses,” these staff members are trained to help patients of all ages throughout their day-to-day routine. They provide patient care using a variety of different clinical methods and frequently work in ambulatory settings such as hospitals and clinics.

What Do Community Health Nurses Do?

Community health nurses provide direct patient care, as well as refer patients to other health care providers. These professionals work in a variety of settings, including primary care, specialty and acute care facilities. Some may work in community-based organizations such as homeless shelters, senior housing facilities, or nursing homes. Typically, community health nurses have a master’s degree in nursing, health services administration, or related fields. However, some may have additional education such as a bachelor’s degree in social work or human services.

Types of Community Health Work

There are many different types of community work that community health nurses can participate in. The most common are community-based practice and direct patient care. As the name suggests, community-based practice is the practice of working in places where the majority of the patients you see are part of your community. In contrast, direct patient care is the delivery of care only where you are present. This may be in your home or a clinic. You may also refer patients to other providers or departments as part of your community health work.

CHC Careers in the Healthcare Industry

Currently, there are over 200,000 CHCs in the U.S. And over the next 10 years, they are expected to more than double. With this growth, there will be an even greater need for healthcare professionals with the necessary skills and expertise. Find a career in healthcare and work in a setting like a hospital, hospice or a clinic. Each has its own culture and different challenges that make nursing a challenging career. You’ll also need to be willing to work flexible hours and on a short-term basis.

CHC Training and Education Requirements

To be a successful CHC, you’ll need to have a passion for helping people, a commitment to learning and the ability to work in a team. The ideal CHC will be good at communicating ideas and outcomes, have strong organizational skills, and be able to work in a fast-paced environment. To become a CHC, you’ll need to complete a number of hours of basic training and pass an extensive certification process. To get started, the first step is to find a school that offers accredited CHC training. After you’ve gotten your training, you’ll need to sit for an exam to become certified. Like many nursing jobs, the requirements are extensive.

Competencies of a Good CHC Nurse

ADL (Aging, Disability, and Orientation): You’ll need to be able to communicate with patients of all ages, including those with disabilities. You’ll also need to be able to assist with activities of daily living, including lifting and moving patients, bathing and dressing them, feeding them and taking medication as needed. Apply the 5 Cs of Nursing: Clinical, Communication, Confidentiality, Collaboration and Information, as well as the 4 Ps of nursing: Provide, protect, promote and improve the health of individuals within the community.


The career of a community health nurse is challenging, but incredibly rewarding. NURS is a rewarding profession because you get to help people every day and because you get to be a part of something larger than yourself.

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