Certifications for Emergency Nurses

Why Should We Have Certifications for Emergency Nurses

The nurse is one of the most popular professions that requires medical knowledge and compassion while taking care of patients. Actually, nurses have several distinctive fields. Emergency nurses are the popular ones and they should have certifications for emergency nurses.

Not all people are prepared to be medics, especially emergency nurses. If you cannot bear to see blood loss or deep traumatic injuries, then you should overlook this profession. Since, to become a nurse, you have to control yourself in facing an emergency situation.

What is an Emergency Nurse?

The emergency nurse is a nurse who specializes in treating patients with injury, trauma, or serious medical conditions that need urgent treatment. The emergency nurses who always work in crisis situations need to take quick action to minimize the pain and stabilize patients.

Certifications for Emergency Nurses Home to Show Your Credibility

You can imagine when something big happens like a disaster that results in a lot of casualties that tend to bring hectic situations in the emergency room. More emergency nurses attending the victims, the more lives that you can save.

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If you intend to pursue a career in nursing, you should take emergency nursing into account. Why? Among all types of nurses, the emergency department is the one requiring manpower the most. Of course, the manpower needed must have certifications for emergency nurses.

Why Are Certifications for Emergency Nurses So Important?

Once you graduate from nursing school, you cannot immediately work as an emergency nurse. There are some steps you need to fulfill. Among those steps, getting the certifications for emergency nurses is a priority.

This certification is important to lead you to get a better job. Principally the certification can show professionals credibility, verify specialized knowledge, and indicates a higher grade of clinical skill. Eventually, emergency nursing certifications will determine the salary you deserve to get.

The Popular Types of Nurses

In general, there are many types of nurses. They work in different departments and definitely have different roles. The popular types of nurses are as follows.

⦁ Cardiac Nurses

Cardiac nurses specifically attend to patients suffering heart attacks. These nurses also assist doctors with surgical procedures including angioplasty, bypass, and pacemaker surgery.

⦁ Travel Nurse

If you like to experience various settings in working, you can consider the profession of a travel nurse. Usually travel nurses move to any locations depending on their contracts. They can get a housing allowance and their hourly pay.

⦁ Registered Nurse

Registered nurses focus on providing care and education to the patients, their family, and the public regarding the health condition. Commonly they collaborate with physicians or other health care specialists as a team.

⦁ Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

This nurse specializes in helping doctors with anesthesia during surgery. They have to manage the pain of patients before, during, and after surgeries.

⦁ Critical Care Nurses

This nurse handles patients with severe injuries or in dire conditions.

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⦁ Emergency Nurse

The emergency nurse has a role to do a careful evaluation and quick tasks to stabilize patients in an urgent case. They have to possess certifications for emergency nurses.

⦁ Clinical Nurse Specialist

CNS belongs to advanced practice registered nurses who serve as leaders and manage other nursing staff to improve care quality for patients.

⦁ Family Nurse Practitioner

Family nurses give health care to all ages. Their tasks include treating illness, diagnosing, prescribing medications, physical exams, and diagnostic testing to a family.

⦁ Perioperative Nurse

The perioperative nurse provides care before and after an operation. They prepare surgical rooms, operation tools, and applying bandages during surgery.

⦁ Mental health Nurse

The job of this nurse is diagnosing and treating patients with mental disorders.

Actually, there are many more types of nurses working in different fields. They are nurse manager, nurse educator, nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, nursing administrator, oncology nurse, orthopedic nurse, public health nurse, geriatric nurse, and pediatric nurse.

How to Become an Emergency Nurse?

To become an emergency nurse, you have to accomplish the following steps.

⦁ Nursing Degree

Before you apply as an emergency nurse, you have to be a registered nurse first. To be a registered nurse, you must finish studies in Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Associate’s Degree in Nursing.


After you graduate from nursing school and get a nursing degree, you have to complete NCLEX RN (National Council Licensure Examination). This exam will determine whether you are eligible to work as a registered nurse.

⦁ Work in Emergency Nursing

If you pass the NCLEX RN, you will be a registered nurse. Once you become a registered nurse, you can choose to work in an emergency department. At first, you can be a shadow nurse, volunteering nurse, or employed nurse to improve your experience.

⦁ Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing

You can obtain a board of certification for emergency nursesWhat is A PRN Nurses Meaning? after you work in emergency nursing. At least you work for 2 years so that you can apply for this certification.

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How to Obtain Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing verification?

You should obtain the certifications for emergency nurses in order to prove your credentials to the prospective employer when you want to apply for a job. Hence there are 2 types of verification you should pass.

⦁ Digital Badge Verification
The verification process of digital badge includes:
⦁ The credential holder must have a digital badge from the Acclaim website
⦁ Acclaim will send an email containing a link to allow you to claim the badge
⦁ You can share the badge via Acclaim account, social media, or email
⦁ When you click the badge, your latest data of certifications for emergency nurses will appear
⦁ You can download the badge in PDF as well to get detailed information on latest certification data

⦁ Verification Request of Emergency Nurse Certifications
The verification request enables you to get certification proof directly from BCEN. The steps are as follows.

⦁ Credential holder have to log in to the BCEN (board of certification for the emergency nursing) website
⦁ After logging in to your account, you can choose Credential Verification Request in your dashboard
⦁ You can make a new request and key in the email address of the prospective employer to share your credentials directly with them
⦁ After submitting the request, the employer will receive an email containing your credentials information.

If you want to apply for a position as a nurse, especially an emergency nurse, you surely need a lot of requirements. To make you qualified to work as an emergency nurse, you should enhance your skill and get certifications for emergency nurses.

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