How much do Correctional Nurses make? The answer is $74,000 a year!

How much do Correctional Nurses make?
How much do Correctional Nurses make?

Correctional Nurses earn a median annual income of $74,000. The highest paid Correctional Nurses make an average of $214,360 per year, and the lowest paid Correctional Nurses earn an average of $31,500. These numbers help to explain why so many are interested in getting a career in nursing. To learn more about how much Correctional Nurses make you can use the following information to get a better idea of what jobs they’re best suited for.

What does a Correctional Nurse do?

A Correctional Nurse works in a prison setting, hospital-like setting. They are in charge of monitoring and caring for inmates as well as visiters. Because of their close contact with inmates, Correctional Nurses often get to know them better than other professionals and have a deeper understanding of their needs and concerns. They also have the ability to calm a person down quickly and appropriately, which can improve communication with other professionals. A Correctional Nurse’s primary responsibility is to provide medical and mental health services to inmates and visitors in a safe, healthy and effective way. In doing so they also ensure the health and well-being of the prison and prison staff.

How many Correctional Nurses work in the US?

As of 2010, there were just under 3 million prisoners in the United States. This represents just under 18 percent of the country’s entire population. That’s a lot of people to take care of. And, as most of us know, that’s not the easiest task. As the need for Medical and Mental Health services has grown over the years, so too has the need for Correctional Nurses. As more people are sent to prison, the need for these services grows as well. In fact, there were an estimated 6.1 million people in state and federal prisons as of 2013. That’s a staggering 33 percent of the total U.S. population.

How much does a Correctional Nurse make?

The amount Correctional Nurses make can vary by location, industry, and organization. The average salary for Correctional Nurses is $74,000. This number is just below the average salary of nursing assistants and just above the average salary of medical assistants. The top 10 percent of Correctional Nurses make an average of $146,913, which is significantly higher than the median of $74,000. The bottom 10 percent of Correctional Nurses make an average of $31,500, which is significantly lower than the average salary of the top 10 percent. For insight into what types of jobs Classic Correctional Nurses do, check out the following list:

Where to Apply: Federal Jobs And State Jobs

Most federal jobs call for a minimum of an associates degree. Many institutions, including the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Marine Corps, require a bachelor’s degree. Meanwhile, a majority of state jobs call for a high school diploma or a GED. All of this means that you’ll need to carefully examine any opportunities that look like they might fit your learning style. Additionally, there is a small chance that you’ll need a security clearance before being able to start the application process. The clearances for many jobs, including those listed above, are issued by the federal government. If you are applying for a security clearance, you’ll need to provide proof of your eligibility including verification from a college or equivalent that you completed course work.

Education & Skill Requirements

Many security clearances are issued by government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the military. Others are issued by for-profit companies. It’s important to know what steps you need to take to become eligible for a given clearance. To become eligible for a security clearance, you’ll need to meet several requirements. These include being of age, having a good reputation, paying your taxes, and holding a job.

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