How Much Does It Cost to Become a Dental Assistant ?

how much does it cost to become a dental assistant
how much does it cost to become a dental assistant

Becoming a dental assistant is one of the most affordable ways to break into the field of healthcare. Even with low starting salaries, becoming a dental assistant can open many doors for you and your future career. You don’t need a college degree to become a Dental Assistant. You just need good grades, an interest in medicine and good test scores. The first step to becoming a Dental Assistant is finding a dental office that will take you on as an employee, rather than an apprentice or volunteer. The cost of becoming a dental assistant varies from office to office, but generally speaking it shouldn’t exceed $1,000 per year for expenses such as books, uniforms and other training costs. Here’s how much it will cost you to become a Dental Assistant…

How to Become a Dental Assistant for under $1,000

The first step to becoming a Dental Assistant is finding a dental office that will take you on as an employee, rather than an apprentice or volunteer. Once you find an opening, you’ll be required to pass a drug test and undergo a background check. Once you’re hired, you’ll start out with a very low salary, but you’ll be able to increase that as you gain experience. There are several dental assistant schools that can help you get started for less than $1,000. A few of the most popular include:

Dental Assistant Certification Course

One of the most important tools you’ll need as a Dental Assistant is a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology. The ADA offers an accredited Dental Assisting program that can have you certified within a few months. If you already have some experience in a lab, you can get started right away by taking the dental assisting class at a local community college. Remember, you won’t end up with a degree, but a course completion certificate that can get you certified quickly and easily. You can also earn a dental assisting certificate online. There are many online programs that will allow you to earn a certificate while continuing to work full-time. Some of the more popular online programs include:

Dental Office Equipment and Software

You’ll need to invest in basic office equipment such as a computer with a reliable internet connection, a phone that can receive calls and a scanner that can be used to create detailed patient records. Wireless internet access is a requirement in today’s healthcare environment, so be sure your computer has that capability. You’ll also need to invest in some software to help you manage your patients’ records and create detailed reports. Two popular options are QuickBooks, which comes free with most computer programs, and Dental Recordkeeping, which comes with a very affordable price tag.

Dental Office Location and Setup Fees

Again, this will vary by location, but most dental offices require new hires to move into an apartment or house near the practice. You’ll need to pay for rent or a mortgage, food and utilities while you’re being paid by the dental office. This can add up fairly quickly, so be sure to start saving as soon as you get hired. There are also setup fees associated with purchasing certain equipment, such as software and a computer, and installing wireless internet in the office.

Dental Healthcare Provider Taxes and Licensing Fees

Most dental offices will help their new employees complete the necessary paperwork to obtain healthcare provider tax ID. This is an important credential that shows you’re a legitimate healthcare provider and should not be confused with a bank robber. You’ll also need a dental license from your state. The dental licensing process varies by state, but it generally involves obtaining a certificate from your local health department, paying a fee and passing a written exam. Most states require new dental license applicants to pass a written exam on dental care laws and regulations as well.

Bottom Line

Becoming a Dental Assistant is one of the most affordable routes to a career in healthcare. You don’t need a college degree to get started, you can get certified and you don’t need a huge amount of money to get started. You just need a computer, reliable internet access and a phone with a scanner. If you’re willing to work hard and follow a few easy steps, you can become a Dental Assistant and enjoy a steady income.

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