How to Become an RN Coder: The Ultimate Guide!

How to Become an RN Coder
How to Become an RN Coder

Are you looking to break into nursing but don’t know where to begin? Becoming an RN Coder could very well be your answer. This new career path offers a variety of rewarding options, from working as a hospitalist to coding for a third party payer. But before you pursue this career path, you need to first understand what being an RN Coder is all about. Once you know what it entails, you’ll be better equipped to make the decision if this is the right career path for you. To learn more about becoming an RN Coder, check out the following article. If you have any questions about this career path or want resources to help guide your way, please leave a comment so we can continue to improve this article!

What is an RN Coder?

An RN Coder is a type of health information technologist who specializes in coding. Coding is the process of recording and understanding the intent of medical and surgical procedures, as well as other professional situations, so they can be understood by a patient’s health care team. Coding is a link between information technology and the health care industry. It’s the ability to code that information using technical terms, such as “This patient’s treatment will include an electrocardiogram,” or “During her visit, the X-ray technician recorded the patient’s vital signs, allergies, and other information.” Coding is also related to billing and coding, as an RN Coder is often billable beyond just nursing.

How to Become an RN Coder: The Road To Success

The road to success for an RN Coder typically begins with a job offer from a hospital or other medical facility. After you’ve been hired as an RN Coder, you’ll need to obtain a current registration in order to practice nursing. After you’ve completed your registration, you’ll need to take theneeded for certification in nursing, known as the NCLEX-RN. Once you’ve passed the NCLEX-RN, you’ll have your first task: finding a coding job. There are many opportunities to work as an RN Coder, but the majority of jobs will require you to find a coding home.

What Is a Coding Job?

A coding job is the work that an RN Coder does, but doesn’t have a title or specific description. You’ll use your nursing skills to create and then bill a third-party payer for specific services. Depending on your career path, you may start by billing third-party payers. After you’ve established yourself as an expert in that field, you may aim to work for a specific third party payer, or you may decide to work for a third party payer as part of your job placement. Most likely, you’ll start out in a contract or part-time job, before moving into a full-time position. Once you land your first full-time coding job, you can focus on your career path and pursue additional certification as a nursing professional.

Explaining the Process of Becoming an RN Coder

Becoming an RN Coder is a journey, not a destination. You’ll start out by learning the basics of how to code, and then move forward as you learn more and more. While becoming an expert at coding is the ultimate goal, becoming an RN Coder is only the beginning. After you’ve completed your nursing training, you’ll need to learn how to bill and manage a billing practice. Once you’ve acquired that skill set, you can begin to think about your career path and targeting additional certification as a nursing professional. Becoming an expert at coding is the first step. After you’ve developed a strong code base, you’ll need to work on your understanding of various specialties, such as internal medicine or cardiac disease. This requires studying further, and becoming certified in a specialty in order to work as a practitioner in that field.


Becoming an RN Coder is a rewarding career path that offers an array of rewarding opportunities. To get there, you’ll first need to understand what an RN Coder is all about. You can start by reading the following article and learning more about the path to success for an RN Coder.

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