IV Infusion Nurse – A Comprehensive Overview

IV Infusion Nurse Career Overview
IV Infusion Nurse Career Overview

The perinatologist is a key contributor to the patient’s care. As the surgeon, he or she must be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide optimal care for the newborn infant. As a member of the staff health care team, you are also expected to be well-versed in various aspects of pregnancy and delivery as a result of assisting in these medical procedures. A nursing degree program gives you an excellent opportunity to become not just another nurse, but also an essential part of a well-planned after-care plan. The goal of comprehensive nursing education is to train students in responsibility, clinical skills, and theory so they can make rational decisions regarding their own care. To learn more about this career option that may be right for you, check out our article on the types of nurse jobs available now as well as what nursing training programs offer.

What is a Compensated Nurse-Midwife?

Concordantly credentialed registered nurses who are certified as midwives (Midwives in Canada) by the College of Midwives of Ontario may join the ranks of compensated registered nurses. Midwives work in a variety of settings, including public health and healthcare facilities, as well as at home. As a registered nurse who specializes in midwifery, you may choose to work in a maternity care setting. Compensated nurses-midwives are hired by health authorities and private practices to provide a higher level of service than is normally provided by Registered Nurses (RN). The midwife-nursing profession is relatively new, and there are relatively few midwife-registered nurses available.

Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses are educated at a specialized nursing school, followed by clinical training to become certified in a variety of specialties. Registered Nurses work in nursing administration or in actual health care settings, depending on their location. Some may choose to work as a unit-based or home-based nurse, while others may work as a full-time staff member at a hospital or as a caseload nurse at an after-hours or weekend hospital. The majority of registered nurses work as staff members in hospitals and other health care facilities.

Licensed Practical Nurses

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are licensed practical nurses who have completed a minimum of two years of graduate-level nursing training, including a minimum of one year of full-time practice as an LPN. They earn their license to practice as a specialized nursing professional through the National Board of Nursing (NBN), which accredits nursing schools.

The Intensive Care Nurse (ICN)

The Intensive Care Nurse (ICN) is a specialized unit of nursing that provides the highest level of care for critically ill patients. As the name suggests, the ICN cares for the patient for the majority of the time, often in a critical care unit. Listed below are some of the different nursing roles within the ICN. The ICN roles are not exclusive to one role and may be fulfilled by another nurse in the same or a different unit.

Travel Registered Nurses (TRN)

Travel Registered Nurses (TRN) are nurses who have completed nursing school and are licensed in their appropriate country or region. They are stationed in a different location from their home base and work under the direction of a geriatric or general nurse practitioner (GPP).

Bilingual Staff nurses (BSN)

Bilingual Staff Nurses are registered nurses who speak English and a language other than English at a high proficiency. They may be assigned to a unit with a particular population, to provide general nursing assistance, or they may specialize in a specific area such as mental health, diabetes, or addiction.

Psychiatric, Substance Abuse, and Counseling Nurse Practitioner (CAPN)

The psychiatric, substance abuse, and counseling nurse practitioner (CAPN) is a versatile health care practitioner that works in the field of substance abuse and counseling, as well as in the hospital setting. The psychiatric nurse practitioner may specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders or AD/HD, conduct community-based interventions to help improve eating disorders and alcoholics’ liver disease, or provide referral and attend-to-the-bedside care for anxiety and mood disorders. The substance abuse and counseling nurse practitioner may work in a community or acute care setting or in a hospital or other medical facility.

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP)

The Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP) is a highly specialized nursing role that provides parenteral and enteral nutrition, pharmacotherapy, and respiratory and cardiac support to acutely ill patients. Some may choose to work as an in-patient NP with short-term goals of improving patient status, while others may choose to work as an out-patient advanced practice nurse working under the direction of a physician.

Continuing Care Nurse Practitioner (CCNP)

The Continuing Care Nurse Practitioner (CCNP) is a highly specialized nursing care profession that specializes in providing expert care for patients with complex medical conditions or chronic diseases. Some may choose to work as a home health aide, while others may wish to work as a LPN in an outpatient clinic.

Bilingual Regulatory Nurse (BN) – Canada Only!

The Bilingual Regulatory Nurse (BN) – Canada Only! is a new type of nursing job that has been created in response to the growing demand for bilingual health care practitioners. The job is both challenging and rewarding, and may be a good option if you want to work in a team with other bilingual healthcare providers. The job of the Bilingual Regulatory Nurse is to provide a high standard of bilingualism in the workplace through use of both formal and informal language, as well as through personal and professional cultural practices. To learn more about being a Bilingual Regulatory Nurse, click here.

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