Preparations You Should Make Before Using Career As A Nurse In Massachusetts

If you want to look for a rewarding career for your future, becoming a nurse in Massachusetts should be on your consideration. No matter where you live or practice in the USA, you have a steady and prospective opportunity for this career, including in Massachusetts.

Not just offered you with reasonably high salary, a nurse is a career that brings your pride and satisfaction since you are plays important role in patients’ longevity. Although the process can be different from one state to another, getting to know how more detail about the process will lead to success in your career.
How to Become a Nurse in Massachusetts

Here several things to consider when you plan to start a nurse career in Massachusetts. By knowing about these things it helps you to determine what nurse specialties you want to do.

Nursing Career Potential in Massachusetts

The reason why you need to try this career is that the demand for nurse jobs in Massachusetts is high, particularly in the last decades. It is because this state is renowned with numerous high-rated hospitals. Each hospital employs a huge number of nurses with various kinds of specialties.

The raised demand for nurses in this state even affects the average salaries received by the nurse. The salary for a Licensed Practical Nurse is around $59,495 per annual. The amount of salary for the Registered Nurse is higher at around $72,259 per annual.

The highest nurse salary in Massachusetts belongs to Nurse Practitioners because they can receive around $102,110 annually. With that kind amount of salary, it is not surprising if many people are more attracted to become a nurse in this state.

Registered Nurse Career in Massachusetts

If you want to be a registered nurse in the state of Massachusetts, you need to obtain a nursing license first because this state does not belong to Nursing License Compact or NLC which enables you to practice in a different state.

However, if you want to be a registered nurse in the state of Massachusetts, you have to pass three steps to get your practice license.

Complete an Accredited Nursing Program

Most hospitals in Massachusetts only accept nurse applicants who already minimally completed their bachelor’s degree in nursing. Hence, the most important thing to do if you want to start a nursing career in this state is to complete an accredited nursing program.
Although BSN is the most preferred level of education to start this career several other degree options are acceptable to become a nurse in this state. There are RN-to-BSN completion programs, 24-months BS in nursing, Accelerated 16-month BS in nursing, and Accelerated direct entry MSN.

Pass the NCLEX Examination

After you are graduated from the accredited nursing program, you have to pass NCLEX Exam too. It is a test designed to examine applicants’ knowledge in nursing critical content areas. To register for NCLEX Exam, you have to meet all the exam requirements and submit the application.
Then, you need to pay the exam fee and waiting for your schedule. Failing in this test allows you to try again after 45 days.

Apply for a Massachusetts Nursing License

After completing both an accredited nursing program and the NCLEX exam, you need to apply for a license through this state. The process can be conducted online and you have to pay a certain amount of application fee.
If you become a nurse in Massachusetts, you have to renew the nursing license once in two years on your birthday so that you can continue your nursing practice in this state.

Nurse Practitioner in Massachusetts

Become a nurse practitioner in this state requires you to earn further nursing education as well as other licenses in nursing. You need to complete the master’s program and earn APRN certification from the approved organizations prior to your practice.
Here several steps that you need to follow when planning to start a nurse practitioner career in Massachusetts.

Earn the Nursing License

Before being a nurse practitioner, you need to be a registered nurse bypassing the previous three steps. Even though having an associate degree is possible, obtaining BSN is important if you want to start a nurse practitioner career.
If you already have a valid RN license for different states, applying for a nurse license in Massachusetts interchangeably is needed.

Complete a Graduate Education

Completing a graduate degree in nursing is required for your career as a nurse practitioner in this state. To meet the requirements you can pursue either MSN or DNP. Enroll in the specific program which is related to what you want to apply.

A Master’s degree is suitable for those who want to practice in a clinical setting. Meanwhile, the DNP program is the perfect option for you who like to practice in a non-clinical setting or want to achieve any leadership positions/

Obtain National Certification

Owning a national certification is needed when you want to be a nurse practitioner because it proves that you specialize in a certain area of medicine that best suits your individual goals. To obtain national certification, you should meet the requirements and take a test held by national agencies.

You have to take into account of specialty you want to achieve before enrolling the graduate education. It helps you to meet the requirements after finishing the degree. Once you complete the coursework for your preferred specialty, you are qualified to take the exam for national certification.

Earn for APRN Authorization

After finishing the graduate program and passing national certification. You need to earn advanced practice registered nurse application authorization. To apply this, you need to submit several important documents and paying the authorization fee.

As you have practiced as a nurse practitioner in Massachusetts, you need to renew the APRN authorization and RN license once in two years.

Becoming a nurse in Massachusetts, either it is a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner is truly rewarding for your future. So, make sure to take a related education from an accredited institution and pay attention to the requirements so that you can gain the necessary skills for your nursing career.

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