Nurse researcher career overview – The big picture and what you need to know before applying!

Nurse Researcher Career Overview
Nurse Researcher Career Overview

Do you want to work with researchers at the cutting edge of their fields? If so, apply to be a nurse researcher. This is one of the most rewarding and challenging careers available. As nurse researchers, you will be working in some of the health care industry’s leading research organizations. With a variety of different specializations and levels of experience, there are many opportunities for nurses who are interested in becoming a nurse researcher. It may not be as glamorous as being a doctor or an architect, but it’s still fulfilling!

What is a nurse researcher?

A nurse researcher is a healthcare professional who uses their scientific and nursing knowledge to study the effects of various treatments on patients. As the lead investigators on a number of different studies, a nurse researcher is responsible for collecting and analyzing relevant and useful data related to the study goals. In contrast to clinical and health care practitioner researchers who have a hands-on approach to their studies, nurse researchers use scientific, mathematical and statistical models to solve research questions. Because they are not directly involved in the care of their patients, nurses are frequently scientists in disguise, testing out new ideas and learning new methods in the process.

What does a nurse researcher do?

As a nurse researcher, you will work within a research organization. You will provide healthcare services to patients and/or their families, and may also provide technical assistance to other healthcare providers. You will likely work in a large hospital setting, but may also work at an academic health center or in a smaller clinic setting. You may work on a variety of different projects, from conducting basic research to writing clinical reports and giving evidence-based presentations to management and other healthcare decision-makers.

How to become a nurse researcher

To become a nurse researcher, you must be interested in helping people. Ideally, this will be one of the first signs you have that you would be a good fit for the profession: a desire to help people. To get information about how to enter a career as a nurse researcher, you can review the career overview section of this article.

The difference between clinical and research nursing

Clinical nursing is focused on helping patients as they approach a condition that can be treated or cured. Research nursing is focused on understanding why certain conditions occur, and then developing better interventions that prevent or reverse these conditions. Both clinical and research nursing are essential to the quality of life of patients, and both can be rewarding careers. However, there are important distinctions between the two.

Research jobs for nurses

Clinical and research nursing jobs fall under the general category of health care. However, companies specializing in these fields also hire nurses in other specialties, like physical nursing or occupational nursing, to work as research respondents, often under the supervision of a clinical nurse specialist (NANP), as well as other nurses. There are many different types of employment for nurses, including staff, clinical, and research positions. While it is possible to find a job as a clinical or research nurse without ever holding a staff position, the majority of nursing staff positions will require at least some level of clinical or research nursing experience. Professions like registered nursing, certified nursing assistant (CNA), certified medical administrative assistant (CMAA), certified legal administrative assistant (CLAA), and registered social worker are all considered clinical nursing jobs.

Opportunities for nurses in the health care industry

Health care is a core part of the economy, and it will only continue to grow in importance as an option for people with disabilities and chronic diseases. Whether you want to work in a hospital, clinic, or nursing home, there are opportunities for nurses in the health care industry.


A career in nursing is an enriching and rewarding career choice. Nursing is a profession that provides comprehensive health care to both adults and children, as well as assistance to the elderly. With a variety of specializations and levels of experience, there are many opportunities for nurses who are interested in becoming a nurse researcher.

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