Earn Your Nursing Home Administrator License Through Online Learning

The nursing home administrator license is a credential that is necessary for running a nursing home. Without it, you can’t be permitted to manage a nursing home. This particular nursing home administrator license is also referred to as a CNA license or CNA certificate. It’s really important that you take a nursing home administrator training course to work as an administrator.

You can’t just take this basic education course without any qualifications or experience. As a nursing home administrator, your duties are significant and you need the best training that will prepare you for the job.

An internship in a qualifying nursing home as well as completion of a nursing home administrator training program conducted as part of another state’s nursing license requirements. You have to have first been awarded a nursing license from your state and then document that the nursing license examination was equivalent in content and length to the required exam.

Some states require you to pass the exam when you get your nursing license while others don’t. Once you’ve got your nursing license then you can work as a nursing home administrator. This is where getting the right training is critical.

There are basically two types of nursing home administrator license holders: those who obtained their nursing home administrator license by completing the requirements on their own or via an approved nursing home administrator training program, and those who obtained their nursing license through third party training or the nursing home administrator license licensure requirements.

In the case of the latter, the nursing home administrator license training program is usually an approved one. Now, if you’re thinking about getting your nursing license, then it’s recommended that you get the best training you can get. You can either get your nursing home administrator license online or via classroom learning.

Most nursing home administrators actually start their careers via classroom learning. However, there are some nursing home administrators who would prefer to get their nursing licenses via online courses. The nursing home administrator license course generally requires a passing score on both the theory and practical portions.

The nursing home administrator exam covers matters such as the nursing home administrator duties, day-to-day activities and official procedures in the facility. Each question basically asks you to express your understanding of the terminology used in the facility.

The theory portion generally involves general concepts and the format of the exam generally requires you to answer a set number of questions under a given time period.

After answering the theory section, you will then be required to demonstrate your understanding of a specific matter in the facility through practice tests. The practise tests cover subjects such as grooming, housekeeping, bedding, laundry and many more.

The clinical training portion mainly focuses on preparing you for the actual administrative tasks in the facility. You will need to study specific texts on nursing and general healthcare so you can effectively fulfil your role as an administrator.


To be eligible to take the licensing examination, you need to have a high school degree or GED equivalent. There are a few facilities, that do not require any college degree or GED and consider those people as interns without any professional designation. Although nursing home administrators with a bachelor’s degree earn more salary, it is still preferable to earn your nursing home administrator license through online coursework because you will have greater flexibility with the subjects you are studying and you can also complete your work on your own time.


The best schools offering online courses for nursing home administrators are accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs. So, you can trust their course material and learn everything at your convenience. You may choose from a wide variety of modules and study from a time schedule that is convenient for you. If you are taking an online course, you may expect to set your own pace so you will not feel pressed when the exams are due. Whatever module you study, you will have the chance to gain new skills that will help you in your future facility operations.

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