Nursing Salary BSN

When you want to have a nursing career, it is pretty common to compare potential salaries you will obtain in different specialties, including nursing salary BSN. This is an important consideration from the very first decision you would like to take, which is when you want to enroll in the related education program.

Generally, taking a BSN is also important for your nursing career because, in the long term, you can obtain more related knowledge and skills to treat your patients. Besides, this degree gives you more opportunities to get more money in a nursing career.

Things You Need to Know About Nursing Salary BSN

Here several important things you have to know about salary when you hold a BSN degree. This can be useful considerations for your future nursing career.

How Much Salary Obtained by BSN Nurses?

There is a significant difference between RN salary with BSN and those who don’t hold it. RNs with Bachelor’s degrees are expected to receive around $ 80K annually. Meanwhile, those who don’t obtain lower amounts such as RNs with diplomas that make $ 78K annually or associates with $ 75K annually.

Generally, RN with a BSN degree can expect to make more money, which is quite similar to a staff nurse. Although it might not happen for all the cases because the facilities also matter, most hospitals and healthcare services prioritize hiring nurses with BSN.

When you hold BSN, you may receive the amount of the first salary that resembles your four years of learning experience. However, you have an opportunity to have bonuses and incentives or promotions for receiving higher salaries.

The Highest Salary in BSN Jobs

Not all the jobs designed for BSN nurses are equal. Thus, how much does BSN RN makes depends on the jobs they do. Among various jobs available, some positions produce the highest salaries.

The top position belongs to pharmaceutical RN that can make average money of $83,486 annually. Some positions that belong to this job is consultant nurses or nurse who develop new medications. The next position is nurse informatics with an average amount of salary $77,791 each year.

If you do the jobs of nurse informatics, you work and analyze electronic medical records. There are nurse case managers that make the average amount of $71,772 every year. Working as a nurse case manager, you are in charge of coordinating both services and supplies for the patient care needs.

There are also nurse administrators who are paid range from $65,000 to $100,000 annually. This job requires you to manage and supervise specific areas in the hospital. That’s why sometimes people need to complete a master’s degree in nurse if they want to start a career in this role.

Factors that Determine BSN Salary

Although the nursing salary BSN is generally higher, there are numerous factors that vary the amount of money you receive. This is typically affected by the state where you work and the speciality of the nursing area you already select.

There are several industries that produce high salaries for RNs. The top three belongs to the pharmaceutical industry that produces an average salary for a nurse of $95,400 each year and the federal government in the second position pays nurses with an average salary of $89,430 annually.

The third position is business school as well as computer and IT training that offers an average salary for nurses of $85,920 each year. However, you need to know that only 5 per cent of RNs that work in government areas, and 18 per cent work in outpatient care centres.

If you practice in more speciality nursing areas, you have a chance to earn more money in your nursing career.

Advanced Certifications to Increase BSN Salary

Either you are RN or BSN, you have the same opportunity to earn advanced certification in speciality nursing fields related to your jobs. Although you already know how much does a nurse with a BSN make, earning advanced certifications is beneficial to increase the amount of your salary.

For instance, a nurse who works in a NICE can apply for ACCNS neonatal certification. Meanwhile, those who are work as critical care nurses could try applying for CCRN certification. Those kinds of advanced certifications of nursing specialities help to raise your earning potential.

Which States Pay Nurse with BSN the Most?

The state you work in is one of the primary factors that affect the amount of salary you receive. Although it includes various kinds of nurse speciality, California is the state the pays highest nurse because the annual salary they obtain can reach $106,950.

The second highest paying state for a nurse is Hawaii with an annual salary of $98.080. Meanwhile, on the third position, there is a D.C. that able to pay an annual salary of $92,350 for nurses who work in the state.

Those are not the amount of salaries nurses with BSN that run self-employed practice. Thus, there are still other fields that you can explore using the BSN degree you hold either to improve your salary or to work as an entrepreneur.

There are also some nurses who benefit from their BSN for obtaining side jobs such as making a resume for healthcare professionals if they have pretty writing skills.

Is It Importance to Take BSN Degree?

There is actually no exact answer for you because everyone has different goals in a nursing career. Pursing a BSN degree might be suitable for you but associate programs might work well for other people especially if they are demanded to work as RN as quickly as possible.

However, you need to know the fact that getting an associate program for RN takes almost a similar time like you earn a BSN degree. Perhaps, the associate programs allow you to complete it slightly faster than the BSN one.

Besides nursing salary BSN, there are other factors that you need to consider when you want to start a nursing career. It includes the related education program you would like to enrol in and other certifications that support your works. Those can help you to get a great amount of salary when working as a nurse.

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