Nursing School Accreditation

How Important Nursing School Accreditation?

Accreditation is one of the most important factors that you need consider to choose nursing schools. Because accreditation can influence that school ranking on employment hub, for approach financial aid and college graduation. That is why we decided to earn articles about the accreditation of nursing schools to give information. And help nursing students to decide about schools that perfect for them.

Approval from BON/BRN is not Accreditation

Some articles said BON/BRN is accreditation and some articles say this is not accreditation. This miss out on information makes individuals confused and obtains incorrect. Board Of Nursing(BON) or Board of Registered Registered nurses (BRN) is approval for graduates to be qualified for the NCLEX licensing exam. And NCLEX Exam will occur after college graduation.

That BON/BRN approval means that the program is qualified with criteria that of NCLEX Exam. Because the Nursing curriculum and hours of study in every state are various, that is why they need BON/BRN Approval.

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So, BON/BRN approval does not indicate that schools have accreditation. So you need to check again if that list BON/BRN authorization list is accreditated or otherwise yet. Because that will be included in the accreditated program and non-accreditated programs.

Accreditation is For Free And Can Change By Time.

Accreditation of nursing school programs is completely free. The schools or colleges do not need spending money for Accreditation status. As well as BON/BRN Approval is not required for accreditation of nursing schools program.

So, Why the college or schools should that accreditation on nursing programs?

Accreditation means that programs are meeting the quality standard of nursing programs. Which among the criteria that universities or schools have the dedication to improve the quality.
The accreditation of the nursing program is not permanent and can be lost. Because they will visit and audit that every year such as hospital accreditation.

College Accreditation is not the same as Nursing Program Accreditation.

Be careful and don’t puzzle about this information. Accreditation of college or Accreditation of schools is not the like with the Accreditation of Nursing Program.
Accreditation of Schools or universities is more complicated compared to Accreditation of Program study. Because accreditation of schools/universities has so many aspects such as how big that institution. Like the quality of facilities, Online study and and so on. And School/College accreditation can be regional, nationality, or both.

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And Regional Accreditation is not the like National Accreditation. Usually, the schools/universities will have regional accreditation first and that accreditation will give them credit to convert that to national accreditation. And regional accreditation can make that college or schools more prestigious and have more points in everything included employment hub.

So Back to the topic, Some College or schools which have Accreditation that does not imply the Nursing Program also has accreditation too. Cause that College accreditation is not affected by their program. So you need to inspect if The Nursing Programs is accreditation. Because in Accredited Schools or college have Accredited Nursing Programs and some have Non-Accreditated Nursing Programs.

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Nursing Program Accreditation

Here the aspects of program accreditation. There institution
can give accreditation on nursing programs. National League for Nursing (NLN) Certifying Commission or we understand right know as The Accreditation Compensation for Education and learning in Nursing (ACEN). ACEN is certifying commission just for practical nursing programs, master’s, baccalaureate, associate, diploma, and clinical doctorate.

American Organization of Universities of Nursing (AACN) has a division called The Compensation on Collegiate Nursing Education and learning (CCNE) which can certifying just in master nursing programs, clinical doctors, and baccalaureate degree nursing education programs.

ouncil on Accreditation of Registered nurse Anesthetic Academic Programs (COA) is an organization for certifying the Nurse Anesthesia Program. And American University of Nurse-Midwives Department of Accreditation (ACNM) is an institutional accrediting for Midwifery Programs.

So that Information that you need to consider to choose Best Nursing Schools near you that perfect for you. I hope this article will help you to pick Best Nursing Schools In your Area.

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