6 Top-Rate Nursing Schools in Houston to Enrol

Since nurse is one of the most popular jobs in the US, nursing schools in Houston become students’ option to get related education background in nursing. It is because a lot of hospitals and healthcare services in Houston are demanding qualified nurses with great education and skill to handling their patients.

Since becoming a nurse require you to have a nursing educational background as one of the requirements, choosing the right school in Houston can be a big decision. Although there are top-quality nursing schools in this state, make sure you choose the one with the nursing program that suits your needs.

6 Outstanding Nursing Schools in Houston Texas

If you are considering a nurse to be your career choice, some of these nursing schools below can open your career opportunity as a nurse in Houston. They provide you with the required knowledge and skill which is important for the nursing profession.

Texas A&M University

Many people might be impressed that Texas A&M is the biggest university in the nation. However, it is more surprising that its nursing school comes with a 100 percent of NCLEX pass rate. Now wonder if students put this school on their list for obtaining nursing education.

What makes the nursing school here interesting is the BSN a year-round BSN program whose course can be taken during summer and winter. Enrolling in this program allows you to complete the degree faster so you jump into a career as a nurse with no longer than four years.

This university offers both traditional and accelerated track to studying nursing. Some even can be taken online for a more flexible learning experience.

Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University is one of the best private nursing schools in Houston. Its nursing school has been known to reach 96.43 percent of the NCLEX pass rate. Due to its status as a private school and reputable nursing programs, you can expect to pay a high amount of tuition when enrolling in this school.

The high tuition cost is not a big deal for you who want to obtain a first-rate nursing education, particularly if you want to have a specific career as a nurse anesthesiologist. However, the BSN program still becomes the main focus for the majority of the students.

This university provides clinical assignments for their nursing students early in the sophomore year. This allows students to have an abundance of experience in nursing and make them completely ready to start the career soon after they’ve graduated.

University of Mary-Hardin, Baylor

Popularly known as the oldest college in the state, the University of Mary-Hardin, Baylor also belongs to the topmost nursing schools in Houston TX. The majority of nursing students here choose to take the BSN program to support their nursing career in the future.

Despite its popular BSN program, the university also comes with DNP and MSN programs for those who want to obtain more specialized degrees.

You might be thinking that enrolling in public schools to study becoming a nurse is more affordable in Texas for your future career. However, the University of Mary-Hardin whose nursing school can get a 95.86 on the NCLEX pass rate need to put into your main considerations.

University of Texas, Austin

University of Texas, Austin focuses its services to help the local community. That’s why it becomes one of the nursing schools in Houston Tx with programs that provide nursing students an opportunity to work with the community.

The BSN program is the best part of this nursing school. Even the school acknowledges that the entry to study nurse here is incredibly competitive. With the NCLX pass rate up to 94.83 percent, it’s hard to ignore this university in your educational choices.

There are various nursing tracks available at the University of Texas, Austin including traditional, online, and accelerated. Due to high competition in enrolment, students had better to not only applying to this school but also to nursing schools in Texas to get the programs that match their personal goals.

University of Texas, Tyler

Becoming a part of the University of Texas public system, University of Texas in Tyler is the other excellent nursing schools in Houston. Offering both traditional and online tracks for nursing programs, this school already obtain an NCLEX pass rate up to 94.38 percent.

One of the advantages of enrolling in this university is the undergraduate nursing program that you can complete from the distance locations worldwide such as from Longview as well as Palestine. This allows locals not to have to move to obtain one of the top BSN programs in Texas.

For students who want to earn a nursing degree faster than the majority of students, they can choose a BSN program with an accelerated track. By then, they can start to work as a nurse with a qualified education background to fulfil the requirements as well as open more prospects to get a great position in the career.

Concordia Texas University

Still coming from the private school options, there is Concordia Texas University which got their first 98 percent pass rate back in 2016. Since then, people have started to recognize this university with its great nursing programs to prepare students for the real world of working as a nurse.

What makes this university special is, it is considered the nursing schools in Texas with no waiting list. It is because they have three start dates each year. This gives you a higher opportunity to be accepted into the school.

Concordia Texas University is one of two nursing schools in this area that provide a BSN program with an accelerated track. This can be a good option if you want to start a nursing career faster with a qualified education.

Besides, it is known to be the only nursing school in Austin which doesn’t require an existing bachelor’s degree for enrolment.

Completing a degree from accredited Texas nursing schools will give you many benefits to become an RN nurse in the state. Those six although known as the best nursing schools in Houston, they don’t offer the same programs. So, choose that has everything to support your future career.

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