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Nursing Schools Requirements The training as a nurse and the profession offers varied tasks as well as the opportunity to do good. After all, the nurse cares for, helps, and supports sick people in the hospital and supports the doctors in many activities in everyday life. In the following article, you will find all the information at a glance about the training, profession, and salary of the nurse.

What is That Nurse profession?

A nurse, correctly called “health and nurse” is a health profession and includes care as well as care and counselling of people in need of care. These can be treated in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Nursing profession

Care also includes assisting with medical procedures and orders from the attending physician. This makes the nurse a significant part of the health care system and the care of patients. The training to become a nurse is varied, because, after the basic nursing training, there are a variety of specialization options in which training can be completed. After successful specialized further training, one is also entitled to bear the professional title of “specialist health and nursing care worker”.

The training usually takes three years and must be completed at a state-approved nursing school. In the end, there is a state examination that must be passed to complete the training.

Possible places of work for a nurse after completing training are hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, sanatoriums, hospices, residential homes for people with disabilities, health insurance companies, or outpatient nursing services. Due to the demographic change and the ageing society, the demand will always grow over the coming years.

Nurse training requirements

Although nurse training is very popular, especially among women (women make up over 95%), this profession is not for everyone – or every woman. The strain, both physical and psychological, can be great. The constant contact with mostly sick people can be a great enrichment, but can also be a hard test of endurance.

Before embarking on this training, one must be aware of what lies ahead. A fear of syringes or sensitivity in the area of hygiene should not be present in this profession.

Formally, a basic requirement for the training as a nurse is a secondary school diploma. If only a secondary school diploma is available, at least two years of work experience must be proven. There is no minimum age for this training. Internships in this field are not mandatory but regularly requested.

Nursing Schools Requirements

Nurse training is a combination of theoretical instruction at the nursing school and practical instruction at the hospital. In total, the training lasts 3 years full time. Part-time training is also possible; this lasts 4 years or in some cases even 5 years.

Theoretical instruction at the nursing school lasts a total of 2,100 hours. The following contents are taught, among others:

  • What diseases are there and what are their causes?
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases
  • Prevention of diseases
  • Assisting doctors during rounds, treatments, and operations
  • Entering fever curves
  • Taking pulse
  • Measuring blood pressure values (see table blood pressure values)
  • Performing blood sampling
  • Preparing X-ray examinations
  • Carrying out injections (e.g. subcutaneous injection or intramuscular injection)
  • Placement of infusions
  • Other nursing techniques
  • First aid performance in emergencies and wound care
  • Admission of patients and documentation of patient cases
  • Determination of care needs and preparation of care plans
  • Involvement of the family and the social environment of the person to be cared for
  • The legal framework of nursing care

The theoretical knowledge acquired is actively applied in the hospital during the practical part of the training. The practical part of the training lasts a total of 2,500 hours and is carried out in the areas of internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, surgery, geriatrics, and neurology. The goal is to become appropriately acquainted with all areas during the training and to care for people of all ages.

Nurse duties and activities

The duties and activities of the nurse are very diverse. In essence, nurses as described care for and nurse sick people in inpatient facilities as well as outpatient.

This includes the following tasks of the nurse in detail:

Carrying out measures of basic care for sick, disabled, or other persons in need of care, for example: establishing personal contact, informing about upcoming nursing measures, bedding/positioning patients, and helping as needed with personal hygiene measures and activities of daily living, for example, washing or bathing, washing hair or getting up and walking.
Carry out measures of treatment care, special care, and (nursing) measures in special situations, for example: observe patients after operations or therapies about appearance, appetite, sleep, state of consciousness and the like or measure temperature, blood pressure, pulse, body weight as well as recognize and assess physical, mental and social needs and problems of patients, carry out medical prescriptions, including administering medication and injections.
Cooperate with physicians, for example, participate in rounds and meetings or assist in medical procedures, for example, surgical interventions.
Plan, coordinate, document, and secure nursing care measures, for example: determine nursing care requirements, participate in nursing care planning, implement and coordinate nursing care and treatment processes, and communicate findings to physicians and specialists.
Organize and administer, for example: fill meal orders, fill material requisitions, monitor material inventory, and administer medications as directed.
Participate in education and training, for example, supervise students in practical training or instruct and supervise nursing students, interns, and assistants.
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