Oregon Nursing Schools and Programs – Get the 411 on the best programs in Oregon

Oregon Nursing Schools and Programs
Oregon Nursing Schools and Programs

As the health care industry continues to grow in Linn County, it is important that nurses are well educated in order to meet the needs of patients. Many nursing programs offer both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees so that you can become a nurse with a broad scope of knowledge. You may want to consider an advanced degree program if you plan on working in a hospital or other health care setting after graduation. Schools in Oregon offer accredited nursing programs that teach you the skills needed to help patients take control of their health. Here is a rundown on the best nursing schools and programs in Oregon:

What is a nursing program?

A nursing program consists of a combination of courses and exams to assess if you have the necessary skills to help patients obtain and maintain health. You can expect to take several different exams while in nursing school to get a general idea of what type of nursing you want to specialize in. A bachelor’s degree in nursing is the typical credential candidates receive after graduation from a program. The concentration of a nursing program is determined by the number of students who are interested in that particular specialty.

The concentration of a nursing program

In order to become a Registered Nurse (RN), you must first take the NCLEX-RN. The four-hour computerized test is administered to prospective nurses who are applying for jobs that require a license to practice nursing. The test covers several different areas of health science, including math, science, and vocabulary. The test has three sections, along with a simulated patient encounter section. All candidates for the job must score a passing score of at least 60% in each section to be eligible for consideration for the job.

Programs in Oregon and their benefits

Many RN programs in Oregon have strong international components, meaning you will have opportunities to learn about new cultures and gain insight into different patient populations. Many programs also have an academic component, which means you will receive academic credits for your work during your time in nursing school.

Associate’s Degree Programs

Many nursing programs have an option for an associate’s degree program, which you can complete in just two years. These two-year programs generally receive lower undergraduate applications and are meant to help students who want to work in a less advanced field after they complete their degree.

Bachelors Degree Programs

Bachelor’s degrees in nursing are the standard. Most programs require you to select a major, and then pick one of the many options available. There are over 100 bachelor’s degree programs in nursing across the state, and most have something unique to offer.

Advanced Degree Programs

Advanced degree programs are meant for those students who want to become a Registered Nurse (RN) after they complete their bachelor’s degree. These programs usually take two years to complete, and they provide an in-depth look at a specific field of nursing. Some of the more advanced programs include the Nurse Anesthetist Certificate, which is meant for those interested in working in anesthesiology after they complete their nursing degree.

Nurse Anesthetist Certificates

Some advanced degree programs also offer the opportunity to earn a certification in nursing anesthesia, which is a unique certification that is gaining popularity among providers. The certification is meant for professionals who are interested in using anesthesia more frequently in patient care.

How to get into an NCLEX-RN Exam

Most nursing programs have an entrance exam, called the National Council of Nursing Examinations (NCNE) – Registered Nurse (RN) Entrance Exam. This is a closed book test that measures your ability to think and apply scientific knowledge. The NCNE – Registered Nurse (RN) Entrance Exam is meant as a screening tool to help you decide if nursing is a good career for you. You will need to score a minimum of 70% to be eligible for admission to a program.

Summing up

Nursing school is a great way to get a professional qualification and gain employment as a Registered Nurse (RN). Choosing the right school is important, as it will affect the variety of options you have once you’re in school. You can expect to spend the majority of your time in classes, as well as on exams, during your nursing program. To get the most out of your nursing education, it’s important to consider your career path and where you want to be in five years’ time. If you want to be in a high-demand field with plenty of job prospects, a bachelor’s degree in nursing is a great way to start fighting for those jobs.

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