What You Should Know About Phlebotomy Schools in Ohio

Phlebotomy schools are plentiful throughout the United States. Each state boasts several schools that offer phlebotomy programs for phlebotomy certification. In this article, we’ll examine phlebotomy schools in Ohio, one of the few states to not have any set phlebotomy licensing regulations.

The State of Ohio does not regulate phlebotomy schools at all. Most schools are self-funded with tuition being extremely affordable. Without a set regulatory body, however, these schools can set their own standards and minimums for their programs.

Therefore, for prospective phlebotomy students to stand out with a quality program, they should know the guidelines of a solid phlebotomy school. Below, you’ll find a few of the things a phlebotomy school should be able to teach its students:

The most common requirement for phlebotomy schools in Ohio is phlebotomy certification. To earn this certification, a phlebotomist must pass the examination approved by the Ohio board. There are two ways to earn this certification: through an online program or on the job training.

Those who prefer to earn their phlebotomy certification through an on-the-job training program should look for a program accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in phlebotomy schools in Ohio.

Most phlebotomy schools accept transfer credits and allow their students to earn up to two years of education. This helps those looking for jobs in phlebotomy work their way up. With a community college education, you have to spend four years in class.

phlebotomy schools

However, a certificate is good enough to get a job. Thus, if you’re already working and have time to attend classes at one phlebotomy schools in Ohio, it will be worth it to take a certificate course.

Phlebotomy Schools in Ohio

Since phlebotomy schools in Ohio to accept credits for clinical practice, it’s a good idea to complete your phlebotomy programs with clinical practice in mind. This means taking blood samples or performing a procedure using a kit. If you already have experience in taking blood samples or performing procedures with blood draw kits, then it would be easier for you to apply the theory that comes with the clinical experience to real-life situations. For instance, if you already have experience in drawing blood from a patient, it would be easier to draw blood from a patient right before or after anaesthesia to reduce any risk of an allergic reaction.


When you apply to phlebotomy schools in Ohio, one of the requirements you must meet is having a certain level of certification at your local hospital or medical centre. It might be easy to forget about this requirement, but it’s vital that you have experience in your local hospital or medical centre, otherwise you won’t be accepted by the phlebotomy schools in Ohio.

Your local hospital or medical centre might not accept credits from a school that doesn’t have certification, so make sure to look into that before you submit your application. Otherwise, you could be turned down from the program. While phlebotomy programs are not exactly the same as other graduate programs in phlebotomy, they should be able to accept your transfer credits and give you a diploma at the end of your program, which should open doors with employers.

Other than acceptance into phlebotomy schools in Ohio, you will need to submit a completed application for a CME or a continuing education credit. These are required courses, which you will receive from the schools in Ohio once you have completed your certification exam.

If you choose to take the CME course online, the schools will still require you to submit your application and certification for continuing education. However, if you choose to complete the CME course in person at the school, they may not require you to submit any additional paperwork. If you choose to pursue CME credits online, your application and certification will go electronically with no additional paperwork needed.

If you want to earn your phlebotomy certification, it is important that you are prepared for the rigorous admissions process. Phlebotomy schools in Ohio understand that the admission process can be difficult for many people, which is why they make their application process as easy as possible.

Make sure you understand what the admission requirements are and meet them to your best of your ability. The higher your acceptance rating goes, the greater your earning power will be as a phlebotomist.

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