PRN Nurses Meaning And Salary

What is A PRN Nurses Meaning?

PRN has come from the Latin phrase “Pro Re Nata” and the meaning is situational workers. So The Meaning of PRN Nurses is nurses who don’t have schedules and work on some circumstances to help or to cover for an absent nurse or to cover some situation.

PRN nurse look like “freelancers” workers in employment hub. PRN Nurses is free nurses that can make them schedules and shifts as they can and also chance for regular nurses to make extra money for them example like fill someone position if that nurse cant work on that time.

What Advantage being PRN Nurses?

The most advantage for PRN employees of course is freedom. You can take PRN jobs as you can and fit with you without a contract with regular or full-time schedules. And being a PRN employee you can learn how to manage your time and your schedule and learn how to work for some different teams and develop your communication cause you will new people from a new team every time you take one PRN job.

Some PRN nurses are only working if there any emergency or there some needs extra employee. And some PRN Nurses have a regular schedule in some hospitals to full fill some nurses that need a break. For example, every day there two nurses will take a break and need some holiday once a week. Those hospitals will need some PRN employees to cover that every weekend.

How Much PRN Nurses Salary?

Every PRN employee included the nurse will be paid per hour. Even they are don’t have 8 hours working every day but don’t get wrong sometimes they make more money than regular nurses.

Why so? Cause mostly they working on special condition and emergency conditions. And some circumstances that urgent make them rate per hour is bigger than regular nurses. That’s why don’t be surprised if they can make more money than regular nurses. in Some cases, they are also used to being assistants like physicians and radiologic technologists. According to Bureau Labor Statistic ( BLS) in

recent their recent statistic, regular nurses have a $35,24 rate per hour and PRN Nurses have a $42 Rate per hour.


PRN nurse is a flexible job but it’s required high skill if you wannabe a PRN employee. Because sometimes you need to work in different circumstances and under different pressure. Also sometimes you need to work in another city for days or weeks depends on the call. For example, if there like one employee who takes maternity leave it will take some weeks. But if you just replace one employee who takes sick leave it will be few days. And also remember if you are PRN Employee you will not have insurance from your company and also you need some certification as PRN nurses and you need to find the Best Nursing Schools for you before starting your career as nurses

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