Starting Salaries for Licensed Practical Nurses

Starting salary for lpn nurses varies with location and industry. Some areas are much more lucrative than others for this line of work. For example, an individual who works in a rural area may earn significantly less money than someone in a metropolitan area. Also, the wages for these nurses can vary greatly depending on their experience and credentials.

It is important for potential links to research local pay scales for nurse jobs in order to establish a baseline for future increases in salary. Most school nurses receive promotions at various times throughout their working careers. These opportunities usually come along with an increase in pay. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, such as those who are employed in speciality hospitals or medical practices that have their own salary schedules.

Aspiring lpns should also consider their academic background and LPN licensure status before beginning the process of applying for starting salary for LPN jobs. Most states require aspiring nurses to be licensed in order to apply for a job. In addition, nursing is a demanding career that requires the individual to be committed to a schedule and routine that do not necessarily match that of a conventional nine-to-five job. Individuals who are serious about starting a career in nursing should take the time to attend an orientation program that will help them to determine their skills and responsibilities prior to applying for a position.


Salaries for starting salary for LPN nurses do vary from place to place. For example, the annual salary for nurses with a four-year degree is considerably higher than those who only have a two-year degree. Those with an associate’s degree earn approximately forty thousand dollars per year. Nurses with a bachelor’s degree earn approximately fifty thousand dollars per year.


Many professionals in the medical field believe starting salary for lpns can be quite difficult because many employers only consider those with a nursing degree or a bachelor’s degree when it comes to filling positions. However, as years have progressed, the salary for LPNs has become comparable to those of nurses with more advanced degrees. The starting salary for lpns is usually between twenty and thirty-five dollars per hour. Salaries may be affected by factors such as location, hours worked, experience, and type of employer. It may even be possible to increase one’s salary by participating in an employee incentive program.


As one looks at starting salary for loss, one must take into consideration what the nurse will be doing most of the time when performing her duties. The majority of nurses are employed in hospitals, so they typically spend a majority of their day performing nursing tasks. Nurses who are employed in residential health care facilities are usually responsible for administering medications, assisting residents with activities of daily living, and related duties. This means that their daily activities can affect their salary negatively if they are expected to perform several tasks. Salaries for nurses who work in long-term care facilities may be lower because these positions require more specialized training than those in a hospital.


It is important to take into consideration the length of time a nurse will be working for a company when looking at starting salary for lpns. Companies that pay more for experienced nurses may actually offer higher starting salaries for new graduates. On the other hand, some LPNs may not have had enough experience to warrant a raise in the past. The exact salary for the starting salary for lpns varies from organization to organization, so it may be wise to ask a manager or a nurse who is currently working in the field before accepting the job offer.

Starting salary for LPNs

Starting salary for lpns varies greatly depending on the location and hours worked. For nurses who are working full-time, they usually receive higher starting salaries. However, part-time nurses who are planning to continue their education and receive additional education are often eligible for a higher starting salary. As with any other profession, education and experience can play a major role in the salary offered for a nurse who is starting to work in a long-term care facility or any other place where they provide services.

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