School Nurse Bulletin Board Ideas For Your School

School Nurse Bulletin Board Ideas
School Nurse Bulletin Board Ideas

The school nurse is one of the most vital members of a school’s staff. With an average of 33% of students reporting experiencing chronic absenteeism, the nurse plays a big role in supporting student wellness. From educating students about health and wellness to managing emergency cases, the school nurse has many important tasks.

The school nurse is also becoming more important than ever with the increased need for mental health services in schools. By providing resources and programming to address student mental health needs, we can create an environment where all students feel supported and safe. Here are some ideas for your school’s bulletin board that will help you educate students about mental health and make sure they know who to turn too if they need support from a professional!

School Nurse Bulletin Board Ideas

Provide a list of resources for parents to talk to their kids about mental health.

Include information about the importance of sleep and healthy meals.

Post a list of community services available in your area.

Offer a sign-up sheet for students who want to join the school’s student support group.

Promote opportunities where students can volunteer for different causes!

Mental Health Services

School nurse offices are a great place to store brochures or flyers that promote mental health services. This is a great opportunity for students to take one home and read about the services your school provides.

You can also include pamphlets with information on where to find mental health care in their community, the signs of depression, and other resources.

This bulletin board will ensure that your students know where they can go if they need help. As schools are increasingly stepping up their efforts to address student mental health needs, this is an important step in making sure your school is doing its part too!

School Nurse Programs

  1. Schedule a speaker for your school or host an in-service with the school nurse to learn more about mental health and wellness.

2. Create educational materials for teachers, students, and parents on how to identify mental health needs.

3. Develop ways to acknowledge student accomplishments in the classroom that would also promote positive mental health.

4. Provide students with information on where they can find professional help when it’s needed (i.e., contact numbers, websites).


We hope you feel better after this bulletin board design. If you have any additional ideas for school nurse bulletin boards please share in the comments below.

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