4 Best Similar Jobs To Nursing From Hospital

There are many jobs that nurses can do other than nursing. You can find many similar jobs to nursing from doctors’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes and even sales or marketing agencies. These jobs all are similar to nursing due to their job environments, days and hours of work. But there are also different jobs that nurses can do other than nursing.


A nurse is a specialized individual that assists physicians or other health care professionals by providing basic care. In order to become a nurse, you must complete a four-year degree at an accredited nursing school followed by a specific number of hours of practical training.

Once you complete your training and get licensed as a nurse, you will then need to pass a certified nurse assistant exam. This exam will also determine if you qualify for a specific speciality within the nursing profession.

similar jobs to nursing

Medical Assistants

Medical assistants are healthcare professionals who assist doctors or nurses in the administration of medical procedures. There are two main types of medical assistants; clinical and administrative.

Clinician Medical Assistants

Clinician medical assistants provide direct patient care while administrative, medical assistants to perform routine tasks for patients. Clinician medical assistants usually have more duties than administrative assistants.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

The highest paying job category for nurses is clinical nurse specialists or CLN’s. This is because this category involves the most duties and this makes them the highest-paid. As a clinical nurse specialist, you will assist physicians or other medical professionals in the diagnosis, treatment and discharge of patients. You generally perform routine functions such as taking vital signs of the patient, measuring vital signs, delivering medications and monitoring the patient’s condition.

Nursing Administration

A second similar job to nursing is nursing management or administration. Like a CLN, a nursing management position requires that you manage the overall care of patients care including billing, financing, scheduling, and other related activities.

However, in this case, the role is more managerial and involves supervision. A nurse manager will typically have a higher level of responsibility than a nurse specialist.

Finally, there are different jobs related to the different fields of nursing. One type of job is a hospitalist, a nurse specializing in hospital administration. Hospitalist jobs require that you work at hospitals and you have very different responsibilities compared to the other jobs.

A hospitalist works in hospitals to see patients and help nursing staff with day to day tasks such as answering phone calls, placing and retrieving patients, making appointments, and many other similar tasks. A hospitalist may be promoted to take over another nurse’s job if they are successful in their certification.

Nurse practitioners are healthcare professionals who specialize in different areas of nursing. Nurse practitioners can treat both acute and chronic conditions in the health care system.

They are registered nurses who have completed a doctorate program on nursing and then become a professional nurse practitioner in order to practice. In some states, nurse practitioners must be licensed through the board of nursing or the National Practitioner Data Bank.

Nursing jobs pay off financially and also have a very good outlook for the future. The job field is projected to continue growing for the next several years at a steady rate, and the median salary for nurses is expected to increase quite a bit more in coming years.

Nursing is definitely one of the best fields for employment in the future, and the pay is very good, which only makes it that much better.


Jobs similar to nursing are also available in the business world. Business owners need to hire people who are experts in their field so that they can run their businesses properly. Businesses rely on their employees to provide excellent customer service, and they need someone who can handle any situation that comes up because of their position. People who work in this profession also help business owners improve the efficiency of their business by providing quality service to patients.


There are quite a few different jobs that people can get within the health care industry. Business owners hire nurses to work with patients in all aspects of the medical procedure. They might have to deal with patients before the procedure takes place, after the procedure takes place, or during the procedure itself. A business owner would want the best person for the job, and a nursing degree can give someone that edge. Medical assistants can also receive high compensation for their services. Most medical assistant jobs pay between forty and sixty dollars an hour, depending on the location and the facility where the job is being done.


Another type of job that one could get within healthcare related fields is in administration. Administration jobs are usually related to finance, information technology, marketing, and administrative departments. A person could get an administrative job in a hospital, doctor’s office, or office of a dentist. Healthcare related administration jobs could include accounts management, billing, and bookkeeping. When looking for a job that pays well, these jobs are a great choice to consider.

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