Tennessee Nursing License: Step By Step Requirements and Process

Tennessee is a member of the Nursing License Compact, an agreement that allows RNs to practice across the state line without getting the additional license. This means a Tennessee nursing license will be sufficient to authorize you are to take care of patients in multiple states.

Just as with nursing licensure in other states, the Board of Nursing issues the licenses and certifications to qualified applicants. These candidates will receive their license and are permitted to practice and expand their career in the healthcare industry.

TN Nursing License Requirements

Upon graduation, the approved nursing program will submit verification to the Board of Nursing. The Board will determine if the candidate is eligible to proceed and take the NCLEX test. While waiting for the test, candidates may practice nursing with a limited permit and under the supervision of an RN.

However, the verification submitted by the acceptable nursing program is not the only prerequisite to get a temporary authorization to practice. Candidates must turn in a complete application before submitting the authorization approval to NCLEX.

The application must consist of:
⦁ Uploaded documents that include a photo with date and signature, declaration of citizenship and proof of citizenship.
⦁ Criminal Background Check (CBC) containing criminal record verified by staff. If you have a history of crime, you should submit a letter of explanation and certified copies of arresting document, judgment, and completion of judgment
⦁ Transcript verified by staff and submitted by the school
⦁ Registered with Pearson VUE.
After applying, staff will verify all requirements if you pass the verification and receive the Authorization to Test, Who will add you to the list of Temporary Authorization to Practice.

How to Get Licensure

The process to get a Tennessee nursing license can be tedious. Depending on the number of applicants and completeness of your documents, the processing time can vary. It may be delayed if you have a history of crime or items are missing.
Here is a complete process of getting a nursing license from the Board of Nursing TN.

⦁ Complete the Application

Applicants may submit the application online. Go to;jsessionid=-phX-gJUSM-yJmrb-oc6TKv7 and sign up if you are a new user. If you already have an account, sign in with your user ID and password.

⦁ Upload Documents

After completing an application, you must upload the required documents, including a passport-type photo with your signature and date. The photo must be taken no more than 6 months prior to the application. You will also need to upload a copy of the transcript, declaration of citizenship, and criminal records.

⦁ Submit Associated Fee

Once the documents are uploaded, you are required to submit a $115 fee. Since you are not allowed to pay with cash, you will need to pay using your credit card. Submitting duplicate payment is not allowed.

⦁ Complete Background Check

You will also need to complete a background check of the state of residence. If your domicile is Tennessee or a non-compact state, you are allowed to apply for licensure. But if your place of residence is a compact state, you are not eligible for a multistate license issued by the Board of Nursing Tennessee.

⦁ Request Verification

Next, request licensure verification from your original state. Most states can use the Nursys website, but some states like California, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma require you to contact the board for verification.

This is the end of the process of getting a Tennessee nursing license. You will need to wait up to 4 weeks or shorter for the staff to verify your application. If the application is not complete, you will receive a notification of the deficiency.

Nursing License Renewal In Tennessee

Renewal of the license is required every 2 years. According to the regulation, a license can be renewed 60 days before the expiration date. Before it expires, the board will send a notification so you can renew your TN nursing license as soon as possible. Renewal can be performed online and costs $100.

Using an expired license can be considered a violation of the regulation. The Board of Nursing in Tennessee might discipline the licensee or unlicensed nurses who practice nursing in Tennessee.

As a compact state, Tennessee nursing license can authorize you to practice across a state line. Getting a nursing license in TN can be tedious as you have to submit an application and complete all the requirements. Renewal every 2 years is required to keep you authorized for practice.

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