The Average Anesthesiologist Salary in Texas

Anesthesiologists are highly skilled professionals that have the ability to control patients’ breathing during surgery and pain management. They are also the ones who give you the shot during anesthesia. Not only do they make sure your body is in good shape for surgery, but they also prescribe pain medication and sedatives. If you’re interested in becoming anesthesiologist, it’s essential to know what their salary looks like.

You may be surprised by how much these doctors are paid and how much they earn when compared to other professions. Here’s a look at average anesthesiologist salaries in Texas and what factors contribute to them being richly compensated.

What are the average anesthesiologist salaries in Texas?

The average anesthesiologist salary in Texas is $324,000. This is based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Anesthesiologists in Texas make more than most other professions and even surpass some doctors and surgeons.

However, anesthesiologists’ salaries can vary depending on a number of factors. For example, they earn more in metropolitan areas like Houston and Dallas than they do in rural areas or smaller cities like Bryan-College Station or Temple. Location also impacts what type of anesthesia they may be working with, such as regional anesthesia which is less expensive but takes longer to recover from.

Additionally, anesthesiologists who work in private practice or hospitals tend to make more than those who work at physician’s offices or clinics because their overhead costs are higher with the cost of malpractice insurance and staff overhead costs.

How much do they earn?

Anesthesiologists in Texas can expect to make $217,000 annually. This is good money for a profession that has a lot of responsibility.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, anesthesiologist salaries are growing at a rate of two percent over the next 10 years. That’s because there’s an increased demand for qualified doctors in this field.

To help you understand just how much money this is, let’s break it down. The median household income in America is about $53,000 per year. So, you would need to work for approximately 362 days or 1.5 years to make what an average anesthesiologist makes in one year!

How much do they make per day, week, and year?

Anesthesiologists in Texas make an average of $230,000 per year. This number is based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics data from 2017.

This is the median annual wage for this profession in Texas, which means that half of all anesthesiologists in Texas earn more than this amount and half earn less.

The highest 10 percent earned over $350,000 annually while the lowest 10 percent earned about $127,000.

How much do they make per hour?

The average anesthesiologist salary in Texas is $239,000 per year. That’s about $70 per hour when you take into account the average 40-hour work week.

So how does this compare to other professions?

A registered nurse in Texas makes about $113,000 per year on average. While that’s not quite as much as an anesthesiologist, it’s still significantly higher than the national average of $74,000 per year.

A salesperson in Texas earns about $27,000 per year on average. This is less than 10 percent of what an anesthesiologist makes and less than 2 percent of their salary.

An electrician in Texas earns about $52,500 per year on average and a high school teacher makes about $50,700 per year on average. So both of these professions make more than twice as much as a typical electrician and nearly three times as much as a high school teacher.

What are their benefits?

The number one factor that goes into anesthesiologists’ salaries is their benefits. Anesthesiologists enjoy a competitive salary and generous benefits package which include:

– Retirement

– Paid Parental Leave

– Healthcare Coverage

– Tuition Reimbursement

– Short Term Disability Insurance

What is their gender breakdown like?

A little under half of anesthesiologists in Texas are women.


The average anesthesiologist salary in Texas is $311,000. But what does that mean? Anesthesiologists earn $60.9k per year and $30.9k per month. They earn $14.4k per week and $7.5k per day. They also earn $39.3k per hour and $1.9k per minute. In terms of benefits, they have a good pension system and a choice of PPO or HMO insurance plans.

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