The Best Nursing School in Texas in 2021

Does becoming a nurse ever cross your mind? If it does, you should pick the best nursing school in Texas. Selecting an adequate nursing school which nurtures qualified professional is very essential.

Make sure you compile a lot of nursing school information before you enrol in that school. No matter what school you go to, proficiency relies on you. It means the quality of nurses doesn’t depend on the school accreditation alone.

Get Your Nursing Degree at the Best Nursing School in Texas

Once you graduate from nursing school, you still have to complete the NCLEX before you apply for a job in healthcare or hospitals. NCLEX means National Council Licensure Examination.

This exam is the key to determine whether you are eligible to work as an entry-level nurse. What does it have to do with the nursing schools? Each nursing school has its own standard passing grade of NCLEX. The higher the passing grade, the higher quality of school will be.

Recommended Nursing Schools Located in Texas

Fortunately, there are several references of the Best Nursing School in Texas that you can pick. With these references, you will definitely find which nursing school that you like the most. They offer different reputations that you should take into account.

Texas A&M University as A Top Nursing School in Texas

Among all the nursing schools in Texas, A&M University is the largest one. The most excellent thing about A&M University is the pass rate of NCLEX. Well, this college really lives up to its reputation. No wonder the admission of this university is very competitive.

One of the nursing programs available here is Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Normally it takes 4 years to finish the BSN programs. In A&M, you can graduate in less than 4 years because they provide courses in summer and winter to shorten the study period.
⦁ Class: Online and Traditional
⦁ Annual Tuition: around $11,036
⦁ NCLEX Passing Grade: 100%

⦁ Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University is a private university that offers a BSN program. Once you complete this degree, you can proceed to take an anesthesiologist nursing program. Although this advanced program is a bit expensive, it is worthy of the reputation and quality.

Another advantage of this university is they allow the BSN students to join the clinical assignments in their second year. It will enrich their experience in nursing tasks until they graduate. You can consider the below factors if you intend to enrol in this college.
⦁ Class: Traditional
⦁ NCLEX Passing Grade: 96.43%
⦁ Annual Tuition: Around $42.670

⦁ The University of Texas in Austin

The University of Texas in Austin focuses on assisting the local community. Most nurses who graduated from this college continue to work in this community. Since admission to this college is quite competitive, you must prepare yourself before you apply to this college.

The BSN program in this college becomes a favourite program for those who like to help the local community. This one belongs to the Best Nursing School in Texas. The factors you should care about The University of Texas in Austin include:
⦁ Class: Traditional and online
⦁ NCLEX passing grade: 94.83
⦁ Annual Tuition: Around 10,092

⦁ The University of Texas in Arlington

The University of Texas in Arlington which is situated in the northern part of Texas has a large capacity of students. They have more than 59.000 students including the BSN students joining online classes.

The students who attend online class tend to pay cheaper tuition. However, when they need to do clinical tasks, they still have to come on the site. They provide a BSN program and RN or Registered Nurse BSN program. This is an affordable Nursing school in Texas.
⦁ Class: Traditional and online
⦁ NCLEX passing grade: 91.30%
⦁ Annual Tuition: $ 9,616

⦁ University of Texas of Tyler

The advantage of applying for a nursing program in this public college is that they enable students to complete the undergraduate nurse program at distance sites like Palestine and Longview.

This policy is absolutely beneficial to the locals in Longview or Palestine since they don’t need to relocate during completing their study. They also allow students to accelerate their BSN programs in order to complete the study sooner.

⦁ Class: Traditional and Online
⦁ NCLEX passing grade: 94,38%
⦁ Annual Tuition: around $7,602

⦁ University of St. Thomas As the Most Favorite Nursing School in Texas Houston

People regard St. Thomas University as the patron saint for the students. It belongs to the favourite nursing schools located in Houston. Its strategic location eases students to hold clinical experience at hospitals in this metropolitan city.

In addition, the hospitals or healthcare nearby the schools enable you to look for a suitable job after graduation from this university. The nursing programs they offer are BSN and DNP which stands for Doctor of Nursing Practice, the advanced nursing program.
⦁ Class: Traditional and Online
⦁ NCLEX Passing Grade: 88.57%
⦁ Annual Tuition: around $39.594

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

This college specifically nurtures female students. People say that the University of Mary Hardin -Baylor situated in Belton is the oldest college which has grown to almost 4000 students. This school is relatively affordable.

Besides this college, there is another nursing school in Texas Dallas focusing on educating female students. It is the Louise Herrington nursing school at Baylor University.

The nursing programs available at the University of Mary Hardin include BSN, DNP and MSN programs. MSN is an abbreviation of Master of Science in Nursing. After you complete your BSN degree, you can continue your education to take either DNP or MSN programs.
⦁ Class: traditional and online
⦁ NCLEX passing grade: 95.86%
⦁ Annual Tuition: around $26.550

Actually, there are many more nursing schools located in Texas for your references. Among them, these 7 nursing schools are the most recommended ones which have a good reputation. However, the tuition fee mentioned here is an estimation only.

For the updated tuition fee, you can visit each website of the Best Nursing School in Texas or check directly at the admission office of each school. One thing for sure is the nursing schools must have accreditation from CCNE or ACEN to ensure their credibility

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