The Top 5 Capstone Projects for Nursing Programs

Capstone Projects for Nursing Programs
Capstone Projects for Nursing Programs

As a nursing student, you will soon discover that your degree is not enough to get a job. While a bachelor’s degree may be helpful when looking to advance your career, it is not always possible to obtain a great job after graduation. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for advanced degrees as well. A capstone project can help you demonstrate your knowledge of a certain area. It can be something you’re interested in doing, such as astronomy or physics, or it can simply be an example of how far you’ve come given the level of knowledge you’ve gained throughout your program. The best capstone projects are those that demonstrate both sides of your learning – providing you with valuable skills that you can use later in your career. If you aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve got some great ideas for getting started! Read on for our top 5 capstone projects for nursing programs.

Oceanography Capstone Project

This is another project that can be used to demonstrate both your scientific and analytical skills. A great way to do this is to have your nursing student create a model of the ocean floor. Once you’ve obtained a good model of the ocean floor, have your student research the different ocean regions and their major features. You could then use the model to demonstrate the location and features of the ocean floor in real life.

Biomedical Engineering Capstone Project

Similar to the oceanography project, this one can demonstrate your analytical and scientific skills. You can have your student research various types of biomedical devices and then use the research to create a design for a new type of device. The project could also incorporate 3D printing to create a more realistic model of the device.

Educational Technology and Learning Management System (LMS) Capstone Project

Many nursing students get the chance to work with a LMS during their internship. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate both your analytical and technical skills, as well as the organizational and logistical skills required to run a successful program. The key here is to make your program management skills clear. Have your student work with a variety of LMSs and create a project for each one, using their unique features. She or he could then create a project portfolio to show you what they’ve done and why.

Nightshift Nurse Practitioner Capstone Proj ect

This project might be a little outside the norm for what we’ve discussed so far, but it’s a great one nonetheless. You can use it as a Miller-Rabinovitz “R” project, or it can be done as a traditional project. The key here is to find a reliable, high-quality supplier of nightwatch nurses. Ask your nursing student to find a reliable supplier and work with them to create a nightshift nurse practitioner (NNPP) program. This project can also be used to demonstrate your organizational and project-management skills.

Research and Development of a New Product or Process

For many students, this is the capstone project of their nursing program. The idea is to find a new, profitable product or process that can be applied to patients or healthcare organizations. This can be anything from a new medication to an efficient way of storing and delivering medication to a hospital. For your project, you’ll require the collaboration of several departments. The most crucial one will be development, where you’ll work with students on the project to design a new product or process. Other departments that you’ll need on the team include research, marketing, and business planning.


As you can see from the list above, there are plenty of opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge and skills as a nursing student in capstone projects. Many of them will also be related to your studies in some way, which is why they are such a great way to cap your nursing program. If you’ve gotten this far and are still unsure where to start, we’ve provided a few other suggestions. These can help you get started on the right foot when it comes to designing your capstone project. Remember, your capstone project should be relevant to your degree, your program, and your future career – in other words, it shouldn’t be written in a million years. The only requirement is that it be challenging and give you something to think about during your last few months of grad school.

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