The Top Nursing Careers and Salary Outlook For OB/GYNs

OB GYN Nurse Careers and Salary Outlook
OB GYN Nurse Careers and Salary Outlook

Nurses are well-known for their ability to heal and their proficiency in providing quality care. They also tend to make excellent nurses jobs. The demand for OB/GYNs is constantly increasing, with a projected 41 percent increase between now and 2020. This demand is expected to be especially high in major metropolitan areas such as New York, Washington, Boston, and San Francisco. The job of an OB/GYN may not require years of advanced nursing training or an extensive background in pediatric care. However, it does require a high school diploma or its equivalent, advanced nursing skills (e.g., extensive hospital work), and at least 2 years of post-graduate experience in a hospital setting. The average salary for OB/GYNs is $107,520 per year; however, the range varies widely based on education level, experience, and location.

What you need to know before you apply

The requirements for becoming an OB/GYN vary depending on the health care setting in which you plan to work. In a university setting, you may not need a license to practice; however, most medical environments require a license or certification. In a hospital setting, you may need to be certified in a specific specialty. Generally, you need an advanced degree and specializations to be successful in this career field. If you want to work in a hospital setting, you’ll need to complete additional training to be certified as a Registered Nurse (RN). In a clinic setting, you’ll need to be certified in a given specialty, such as Family Practice, Baby-Told Story, or Adolescent Medicine. Expertise in a given field is helpful, but not required. Experience in managing a team, both in an administrative or clinical setting, will help you in the workplace. Top 10 nursing jobs for 2020 and salary information Nurse midwife is expected to assist in the full range of nursing functions, including newborn care, maternal/infant care, labor and delivery, child health, and aging. While many of these jobs have grown over time, there are still many opportunities to work in a safe and fulfilling career as a nurse midwife.

How to Apply for a nursing job

Many nursing job postings include a request for applications. Most major online hiring sites will accept applications only via an application form that you create. You can usually find these forms at the top of every job posting. You can also try contacting the individual companies you’re interested in working for. If you’ve already attended college and want to pursue a career in nursing, you may be able to apply for a job directly with a hospital or other educational facility. If you haven’t gone to college yet, many community colleges and universities offer certification programs that may be relevant to nursing, depending on your career interests.

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The Bottom line

If you’re ready to embark on a rewarding career, check out the list of the top nursing careers and salary Outlook for OB/GYNs. You’ll find job opportunities in every specialty, including OB/GYN, Pediatrics, and Neonatal/Newborn Childbirth. In addition, there are opportunities in a variety of settings, including acute care, long-term care, and home health. If you’re passionate about helping people achieve their health and well-being goals, nursing may just be the career for you.

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